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Trump doubles down on COVID-19 misinformation in July 4th tweetstorm

Trump doubles down on COVID-19 misinformation in July 4th tweetstorm

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Independence day is meant to be a celebration of freedom and liberty for all of the citizens of the United States.

As Donald Trump’s divisive, grievance-heavy, racially polarizing “Mt. RussiaMore” speech last night demonstrated, some Americans still believe that the inclusive vision of American liberty should be as exclusively reserved for its white population as a southern lunch counter in the 1950s.

While it may be too much to expect of this particular president to promote and personify the lofty goals of an all-inclusive version of patriotism, one would at least hope that he would take a day off from social media on the 4th of July from his daily routine of phobic political propaganda and ego-gratifying self-praise.

Today was decidedly not that day.

Before delving into any substantial original posts of his own, Trump retweeted a flurry of posts that were either the equivalent of him burning candles of worship at his own altar or else vicious attacks on those that would oppose him and his abhorrent policies…or both as in this example.

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The most remarkable thing about Trump’s posts today is his remarkable refusal to admit a single mistake in his handling the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic as the evidence of his policy and execution failures grow with the national case count every day.

Instead, the president doubled down on his promotion of hydroxychloroquine, the now-discredited drug that he promoted as a miracle cure for the coronavirus by retweeting a series of tweets from his former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grennell.

Did some American GOP politicians encourage people to NOT take the coronavirus seriously enough to wear facemasks and practice social distancing when it could have prevented the spread of the disease and the additional loss of lives in order to prevent further damage to an unequal economy and salvage their re-election efforts one is tempted to ask in reply?

Still waging a war with the media that keeps exposing his treasonous behavior surrounding his seemingly willful ignorance and denial of the Russian payments to the Taliban for killing American armed forces, Trump continued his battle by attacking the newspaper that revealed his dereliction of duty in ignoring the intelligence reports that were documented as having been presented to him as early as March of last year.

Add your name to demand an investigation into Trump letting Putin pay Taliban fighters to kill US troops!

After a number of other onanistic retweets like these last two, Trump again demonstrated why he is so unfit for the office he holds by repeating the imbecilic logic claiming that increased testing is the only reason that the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States has skyrocketed as if he believes that the American educational system has rendered the rest of the nation to the same level of idiocy that he apparently suffers from.

Trump seemingly ignores the fact that some hospitals in Texas and Arizona have already exceeded their normal patient handling capacity and that health care workers in the hardest-hit areas still suffer from a lack of personal protective equipment and, yes, ventilators.

Seeing Trump’s 4th of July social media posts makes many people wish that someone would just take a couple of fully-loaded hot dogs and shove them in Donald Trump’s mouth to prevent him from speaking, at least until the rest of us can celebrate the holiday with a vision of freedom and liberty devoid of self-serving Trumpian propaganda for at least one day.

In the meantime, we can look forward to the future when Donald Trump is ushered out of the White House with this inspirational verse from the late singer-songwriter Elliot Smith:

“I saw you out
A perfect place
It’s gonna happen soon
But not today
So go to sleep
Amid the change
I’ll meet you here tomorrow
Independence day
Independence day
Independence day” — Elliot Smith – “Independence Day”

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