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Female QAnon devotee in Scottsdale, Arizona destroys Target mask display in an angry rampage

Female QAnon devotee in Scottsdale, Arizona destroys Target mask display in an angry rampage

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The line between political dissatisfaction — combined with frustration over the public health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic — and mental illness is so thin these days as to make them indistinguishable at times.

The latest example comes from Scottsdale, Arizona, the wealthy Phoenix suburb that, like the rest of Arizona, is currently experiencing a steep upward trend in COVID-19 infections and has instituted a mandatory mask requirement for anyone who goes out in public.

For one woman shopping at a local Target, it was a display of face masks for sale that set her off on a destructive, profanity-laden rampage that she was so proud of that she herself recorded a video of her actions — actions apparently inspired by her belief in the insane conspiracy theories propounded by the followers of QAnon.

Enraged by the very presence of masks that she seemingly thinks are part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to deprive her of her rights to infect others, the woman began tearing masks from the display and flinging them around the store while obsessively spouting a vulgar glossolalia of lunatic ravings.

“This sh*t is all f*ckin’ over!” she screamed before furiously repeating her words over and over again. “This. Sh*t. Is. F*ckin’. Over! This sh*t’s over. This sh*t’s over. This sh*t’s over. This sh*t’s over. This sh*t’s over. This sh*t’s over. F*ck this sh*t! Not doin’ it. I’m not doin’ it. No, I’m not doin’ it. We don’t want this anymore,” she ranted as she destroyed the store’s carefully arranged mask display.

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Astonished Target employees tried to stop her, but apparently she felt her skin color gave her the right to cause whatever damage she wanted to as she compared it to the damage caused by opportunistic looters at BLM protests whom she felt were allowed to get away without consequences.

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Somehow, the brainwashed QAnon devotee made it out of the store without being detained, but she soon found Scottsdale police at her doorstep, at which point she decided to live-stream her arrest on Instagram while claiming that she was a spokesperson for the White House and QAnon, setting herself up for a credible insanity defense once her case winds its way through the justice system.

Hopefully, she will be given the mental health treatment that she so obviously needs as a result of her behavior and subsequent arrest.

In the meantime, you can watch her Target freakout in the videos attached below.

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Original reporting by Sarah K. Burris at RawStory.

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