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Trump betrays Fox News and erupts in crime rant in Sunday afternoon Twitter barrage

Trump betrays Fox News and erupts in crime rant in Sunday afternoon Twitter barrage

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The ill-fated romance between Fox News and Donald Trump has hit its rockiest patch yet.

The public got the first hints that all was not the same between the Rupert Murdoch-owned right-wing “news” organization and the president — whose incessant coverage by the network helped propel him to an electoral college victory with a sizable assist from the Kremlin’s social media campaign — when the first hints of the truth about their lionized figurehead began emerging from the mouths of those on-air Fox News hosts considered actual journalists rather than the political opinion-espousing talking heads whose effusive commentary about the Trump administration has been labeled as fact-free entertainment by the network’s own attorneys.

When the reality check provided by the likes of Chris Wallace began catching the president’s attention, he began making his dissatisfaction with Fox News known to his motley legion of followers, most of whom’s psyches had been cerebrally-scrubbed by the network to slavishly believe every lie that Trump uttered.

It wasn’t until recently when Fox News’ insistence on faithfully reporting the results of their legitimately conducted election polling damaged Trump’s fragile ego by showing he was on track to suffer an epic loss to his presumed Democratic opponent Joe Biden, that Trump’s new-found antipathy to his formerly faithful media lapdog made him realize that he was no longer dealing with the network controlled by the late GOP schemer Roger Ailes and the now-fired alleged sexual predator Bill O’Reilly.

After filling the coffers of his Virginia golf club from the public trough this morning, Trump took to Twitter to tell the world that the Fox News polls that show him significantly trailing Biden in the 2020 presidential race are not the “REAL” polls.

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Apparently any poll in which Trump is not predicted to win, no matter how sound the methodology and the sample of the electorate it utilizes may be, is not “REAL.”

Whether Trump is truly delusional enough to actually believe his own bravado-laden claims that some silent, unpolled, majority will propel him to victory as his job approval rating sinks to new lows due to his disastrous management of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout — as well as his divisive race-baiting — still remains to be determined.

Trump’s anger at Fox News was such that he couldn’t contain his reaction to a single tweet.

In his next post, the president actively tried to hurt his former sweetheart network, by announcing publicly that he was beginning to be attracted to other networks, and actively urging his followers to join him in terminating his relationship with Fox News.

Add your name to demand an investigation into Trump letting Putin pay Taliban fighters to kill US troops!

It wasn’t only his disloyal media partner that was occupying the limited space in the president’s brain this morning.

Having decided that his only path to victory in November will come by swiping a page from the antiquated “LAW & ORDER” political playbook of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, Trump ginned up his fear-mongering machine, offering help to urban centers that want nothing to do with him and the stormtroopers he’s offering up to violently quell social unrest that is the direct result of his unrepentant racism.

Unemployment and hunger are way up as well, but Trump and his Republican enablers would rather spend money on deploying a militarized police force to subdue righteous unrest rather than devise and pass any plans that would both help stop the spread of COVID-19 and provide money for food, shelter, and healthcare to those sidelined by the coronavirus-related economic collapse of the job market.

Trump’s final tweet of the afternoon so far continues to avoid discussion of solutions to our current national crises in favor of debilitating political attacks and blatant mischaracterization of the Democratic stance on police reform in America.

At least one word in this misleading tweet is true — if you apply it to the author of the post — “CRAZY!”

Trump’s separation oozes out of every post he makes these days.

Too stubborn and ignorant to realize that his Twitter posts are the social media equivalent of digging his own grave, Trump continues to use the platform to peddle his lies to an increasingly hostile audience.

If only he were shoveling an equivalent amount of B.S. in real life rather than online, then he may not have so much trouble walking up and down ramps with all the extra physical strength such an endeavor would result in.

In the meantime, his posts are best suited for the trashbin of history where future scholars of the decline and fall of the American empire can retrieve them to be astonished by what Americans in the first quarter of the 21st century had to endure from their supposed leader.

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