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Trump gets extra racist in Twitter outburst about “Redskins” name change

Trump gets extra racist in Twitter outburst about “Redskins” name change

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The very definition of insanity is to repeat a destructive behavior and expect different results than the previous thousand times one has engaged in that harmful practice.

By that measure, Donald Trump’s incessant tweeting — a habit that even some of his most ardent supporters admit isn’t gaining him any new fans as the posts he makes alienate just about everyone else — is a symptom of serious mental illness and self-destructive impulses.

Still, he’s the president, so we watch his Twitter feed for the latest installment of his bleatings like we are scanning a busy intersection that lacks either a traffic light or a stop sign, waiting for the inevitable gruesome car crash.

And like the grisly results of a high-speed accident, Trump’s posts inspire a sense of horror and disgust in knowledgable readers unsullied by the attempted brainwashing by right-wing media outlets.

The president’s latest tweets today are the perfect example, as Trump positions himself as the Rambo of the culture wars that he has both fed upon and instigated to ever greater heights with his rhetoric of resentment and hatred.

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In one post, Trump was in high dudgeon over the supposedly sacred cows of sport teams names and logos, a seemingly insignificant matter that encapsulates the partisan divide in this country between those who feel offensive and insensitive racial stereotypes have no place in the branding of multi-million dollar sports franchises and those whose nostalgia for a racist past leave them unmoved by the politically correct standards of the 21st century.

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That Trump both manages to slip in a dig at Senator Warren — still supposedly on the shortlist of potential vice-presidential picks for the Biden ticket — and so thoroughly misinterpret the likely response of the offended Native Americans demonstrates just how disconnected from reality this president truly is.

Trump is so unaware that he fails to realize that by simply staying silent on an issue that has no bearing on his oft-ignored presidential duties, he and his re-election campaign would be much better off.

His self-destructive impulses — and his need to have his own regressive opinions dominate the national conversation — are practically guaranteeing that his approval rating will continue their sharp downward trajectory as he discovers that the “Silent Majority” that he resurrected from the Nixon era and is counting on for victory is actually mostly passed away now.

Trump’s keen instincts for self-sabotage extend to his inability to cease displaying his massive scientific ignorance — a subset of his overall lack of knowledge and facts — to an incredulous public.

In the midst of the worst pandemic in modern American history, Trump’s failure to understand the roles of testing, contract tracing, and the need for a nationally coordinated response to the COVID-19 outbreak is a dangerous embarrassment that has resulted in a now uncontrolled spread of the virus in many areas of the country.

Still, instead of working hard to address the crisis we face, Trump spends the weekend golfing, watching cable TV news, and tweeting things like this attack on the media, as he searches to place blame anywhere but at his own bone-spur-laden feet.

Besides the use of a politically-convenient racist term for COVID-19, Trump fails to understand that when any additional person dies from the effects of the coronavirus, the cumulative death toll is actually growing, not declining.

With a dangerous lack of scientific understanding and an ulterior motive of boosting his re-election campaign, Trump continued to tweet misleading misinformation about the pandemic and the nation’s economic recovery rate.

He also provided a recipe for extending the pandemic even further into the rest of 2020, with an eye on the economy rather than on public health.

The president still had time for one more COVID-related lie, again characterizing his limiting of travel from China at the beginnings of the outbreak as a total ban — when it had more holes in it than a wheel of swiss cheese — and throwing shade at his Democratic rival apropos of nothing while ignoring the deadly results of his failures to develop an effective national response to the pandemic.

The nation cannot tolerate such a clueless individual in such a pivotal role right now.

Trump needs to resign now. America can’t risk allowing him in a position of power and destructiveness between now and the next inauguration day.

Although even a threat of a humiliating defeat may not overpower his malignant narcissism sufficiently to allow him to abandon a hopeless campaign, Trump’s Republican enablers need to at least focus on their own self-interest and let the president know that they refuse to go down on this self-scuttled ship and save the rest of us along with their own skins.

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