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Kellyanne Conway melts down on Fox over Mary Trump’s book: “family matters should be family matters”

Kellyanne Conway melts down on Fox over Mary Trump’s book: “family matters should be family matters”

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Next week, a book written by the president’s niece Mary Trump is set to be released and it’s already proving to be a massive headache for the White House. Entitled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” it’s a firsthand recounting of the inner dynamics of the Trump family, once which paints Donald Trump in a decidedly damaging light and which seeks to explain the “twisted behaviors” that have grown to form the core of his personality.

While the book has yet to hit shelves, excerpts from advance copies have been released and the Trump administration is already in damage control mode over them. One section of the book alleges that Trump paid someone to take his SAT for him, which is how he got into the University of Pennslyvania. Another section claims Trump’s own sister Maryanne has said “he has no principles.” In short, the book seems poised to confirm all of our worst suspicions about the troglodyte currently crouched within the Oval Office.

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Trump’s lackeys, faced with the prospect of refuting allegations from a family member of the president, are relying on the same overused and unsuccessful tactic they always deploy: blanket denial. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president and one of his most notorious paid liars, appeared on Fox News today and tried in vain to discredit the book.

“I believe family matters should be family matters. I think the thin-skinned, troubled, living in glasshouse, mainstream media members who think people’s families are their business ought to really think thrice the next time they do that,” said Conway, who has struggled in recent weeks to keep her own family dysfunction out of the news.

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“This is like every other book out there, in my view, which is we imbue instant credibility unto anybody, especially those not under oath and writing works of fiction, perhaps, or fiction within a work of fiction, as long as they’re out there to get the president,” she went on. “I think reporters ought to focus on getting the story and not the president. That’s what they are supposed to be doing.”

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As usual, Conway’s disingenuous talking points are unlikely to persuade anyone outside the president’s core MAGA base. There is no reason why Mary Trump’s book should be ignored since Donald Trump is not a private citizen. He is the elected leader of the most powerful nation in the world and voters have a right to know who he really is. Hopefully, this book will open the eyes of those Americans still blind to what a monster he is and they’ll do their patriotic duty to vote against him this November.

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