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Fox & Friends argues that COVID-19 is a hurdle for kids to overcome because “life is full of risks”

Fox & Friends argues that COVID-19 is a hurdle for kids to overcome because “life is full of risks”

The Republican Party under Donald Trump is rapidly werewolfing into what could perhaps best be described as a death cult. It long ago became painfully clear that the reality TV star currently occupying the Oval Office is, by every imaginable metric, unfit to be President of the United States and yet the GOP continues to march lockstep with him, even as his unparalleled incompetence has caused COVID-19 cases to skyrocket and bodies to pile up.

Republicans have been ruthlessly pushing to reopen the economy, telegraphing their loyalty to the wealthy donors who prop them up while simultaneously revealing a macabre willingness to sacrifice American lives on the altar of commerce. Now, they’re taking aim at schools.

With Donald Trump leading the charge, conservatives are arguing that schools should reopen in the fall regardless of the ongoing pandemic. This morning the president tweeted that the CDC’s (incredibly reasonable) guidelines aimed at preventing the rampant spread of COVID-19 inside schools are too “tough & expensive.”

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In other words, money and convenience are more important to our president than the lives of American children. The bizarrely nihilistic rhetoric can perhaps be chalked up to a desire to pretend everything is well in the United States ahead of the 2020 election. The president seems to think by simply ignoring the ongoing crisis he can fool us into thinking he’s handled this outbreak competently.

Not surprisingly, the usual right-wing media goons are falling in line with Trump’s rhetoric. On Fox & Friends today Brian Kilmeade, one of the more reliably dense personalities at the conservative network, argued for opening schools up and said that “life is full of risks” and so “kids should learn that early, that life is full of hurdles” to be overcome.

Kilmeade’s argument is so ridiculous as to be immediately dismissible. Life may be full of difficult “hurdles” but exposing children to a deadly virus so that the president can pretend all is well is far from a necessary risk. These Republicans are willing to throw American children directly into danger for gross, partisan reasons and they should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Sane adults must condemn this kind of logic and aggressively argue for safe, CDC-guided reopenings if we decide to allow reopenings at all. The GOP clearly cannot be trusted to lead these efforts.

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