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Republican Ana Navarro hammers Trump over his worst supporters after he claims a “SILENT MAJORITY”

Republican Ana Navarro hammers Trump over his worst supporters after he claims a “SILENT MAJORITY”

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While it’s dangerous to assume victory this far out from November, things are looking increasingly grim for Donald Trump and increasingly rosy for the future of our Republic. Former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is trouncing Trump in the polls and the president is struggling to articulate a coherent reelection message as the country struggles through the COVID-19 pandemic, economic disaster, and deepening racial divides over police brutality.

Predictably, Trump is handling his dire situation poorly and seems far more interested in ranting about Confederate statues and whining on Twitter than course-correcting to save his damaged reelection bid. His solution to his flagging poll numbers seems to be rejecting the validity of said polls and insisting that he is incredibly popular. The man is a case study in denial.

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Earlier today, the president tweeted out in all caps that: “THE SILENT MAJORITY IS STRONGER THAN EVER, JUST WATCH!!!” He, of course, provided no proof for his absurd claim that most of the country supports him but is (for some reason) keeping their collective mouth shut. The tweet was clearly aimed at amping up his remaining followers and a pathetic attempt to make them and himself feel better about November. It was the tweet of a leader who on some level knows he’s lost the faith of his nation.

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, a Republic strategist and frequent critic of the failed Trump administration, retweeted the president’s message with a brutal commentary.

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She asked which of Trump’s supporters are “the silent type” he alludes to before reeling off a list of the MAGA movement’s worst moments, from white supremacists yelling abuse at Jews, to anti-science conservatives refusing to wear masks amidst a pandemic, to the recent attacks on Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), to the xenophobes chanting about a border wall.

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It was a succinct and devastating summary of Trump’s base to date and a harsh repudiation of the idea that he commands some “silent majority of support.” The vast majority of people still supporting Donald Trump at this point are either ignorant, racist, or cynical operators hoping for more tax cuts. They can be bested at the ballot box if real patriotic Americans show up in force.

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