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Tech CEO issues insincere apology after screaming “Trump will f**k you” at Asian family

Tech CEO issues insincere apology after screaming “Trump will f**k you” at Asian family

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Social media was burning up yesterday with a viral video that showed an unidentified Caucasian man harassing an Asian family at a Monterey, California restaurant where they were having a birthday celebration.

After lobbing an off-camera slur at the family, the video picks up at the moment that the man lifted his middle finger towards the camera and tells them that “Trump is going to f— you. “He then proceeds to refer to his inquisitor as an “Asian piece of shit.”

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The internet being what it is, it didn’t take long for amateur investigators to figure out just who this previously unidentified racist actually was: Michael Lofthouse, the CEO of tech firm Solid8.

After his identity was revealed, Lofthouse apparently realized that this type of notoriety may not exactly be good for his business, since he issued an abject apology through his companies Twitter feed this morning.

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Funny how suddenly facing the collapse of your business prospects can inspire such remorse.

We’ll leave it to others to decide just how sincere Mr. Lofthouse’s apology may actually be, but it should be noted that it wasn’t until after the video of the incident went viral that an apology was forthcoming.

Others contemplating similar racist outburst, you have been warned! Humiliation lies in your future.

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