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Ted Cruz brutally roasted after claiming SCOTUS will give Manhattan back to Native Americans

Ted Cruz brutally roasted after claiming SCOTUS will give Manhattan back to Native Americans

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Modern American conservatism runs entirely on a constantly churning engine of grievances and imagined victimhood. Every day, Republican politicians wake up and look for some inane culture war issue to bleat on about, whipping their supporters into a rage in the process. It’s a strategy that has served them well over the past few decades.

Republican voters end up so distracted by the ludicrous idea that liberals are trying to destroy America that they fail to notice GOP officials selling them out to line the pockets of wealthy donors, massive corporations, and themselves. The GOP won’t help Americans get healthcare, but they will convince them that there’s a “War on Christmas” and other such nonsense.

Today, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to Twitter to cultivate some pointless outrage. He whined that the Supreme Court has given away “half of Oklahoma, literally” and ominously predicted that Manhattan is “next.” The tweet was dripping in the kind of paranoia that’s taken deep root in the GOP under Trump.

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The perenially bad faith senator was referring to the Supreme Court’s ruling today that the eastern half of Oklahoma can be considered Native American territory. It gives the Muscogee Nation more control of meting out justice and means that serious criminal charges in the region can no longer be brought by the state of Oklahoma against resident Native Americans. The federal government will still have such power.

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“Today we are asked whether the land these treaties promised remains an Indian reservation for purposes of federal criminal law. Because Congress has not said otherwise, we hold the government to its word,” wrote Justice Neil Gorsuch, a Trump appointee.

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The decision honors treaties between the U.S. government and Native Americans and is in perfect keeping with the Constitution, something that Cruz only respects when it suits his partisan purposes. Republicans like Cruz will rant on and on about our founding document, but the moment it leads to a decision they disagree with they’re more than willing to ignore it.

Cruz soon found himself inundated with mockery.

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