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Trump throws pitiful tantrum after Supreme Court rules he doesn’t have immunity from criminal subpoenas

Trump throws pitiful tantrum after Supreme Court rules he doesn’t have immunity from criminal subpoenas

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On Thursday morning, the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision that President Trump is not immune from legal scrutiny. Trump’s appointed Supreme Court Justices, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, both joined the majority in sending the interminable efforts to obtain Donald Trump’s tax returns by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office back to the lower courts. While this does technically count as a “loss” for Trump since the courts rejected the President’s arguments that presidential immunity should shield him from state criminal subpoenas, it also means that the remand and appeal process means the jury won’t see the tax returns until Trump is either a private citizen again or beginning his second term.

Whether or not the public will ever see those tax returns is still up in the air.

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But that didn’t stop Trump from taking to Twitter and throwing a huge tantrum about how it was nothing but a “political prosecution” and that it wasn’t fair that the president who unilaterally decided to end due process for asylum seekers should be forced to give up his financial documents to a grand jury as part of a criminal investigation.

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The eternal victim, Trump’s insistence on piteously moaning and wailing every time one thing doesn’t go according to plan is growing extremely tiring at this point in his presidency. While we might not see his tax returns until after he’s out of office, he’ll certainly not be able to claim presidential immunity anymore — meaning that someday, our national dream of seeing this crooked charlatan behind bars might actually come to pass.

If he’s this mad about the ruling, there must be something extremely juicy inside them…

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