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Trump unleashes furious tantrum claiming everyone is too “frozen stiff with fear” to go after Obama

Trump unleashes furious tantrum claiming everyone is too “frozen stiff with fear” to go after Obama

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It appears to be slowly sinking in for Donald Trump that he stands a very good chance of losing the 2020 election. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is incapable of leading the country through times of crisis, the economy has been devastated as a result, and the only real “accomplishment” he can hold up is the massive tax cut handed out to the super-wealthy.

As his campaign struggles to articulate a coherent message to justify his reelection, the president spends most of his time ranting on Twitter about things that are utterly irrelevant to the vast majority of Americans. His bizarre fixations are unlikely to attract new voters and seem geared entirely towards his frothing MAGA base.

Today, Trump decided the best use of his time was to attack the Obama administration for the umpteenth time. He slammed his predecessor’s White House as “totally corrupt” and once again accused Obama and Biden of spying on his campaign while lamenting that “nothing happens to them.” It’s a debunked claim he has thrown out time and again to obfuscate the fact that the FBI was concerned about the numerous suspicious connections between members of his campaign and Russia and chose to investigate.

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Trump went on to claim that everyone realizes Obama and Biden broke the law but are too “frozen stiff with fear” to do anything about it. He devolved into a series of paranoid and confusing allegations, dragging former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe into the mix while essentially lamenting the fact that Republicans aren’t targeting his political enemies. He whined that he is being treated in an unfair manner and repeated his ludicrous claim that he has done more than any previous president.

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Frankly, the fever dream logic of the tweetstorm is almost impenetrable, but towards the end it becomes clear that the impetus for the president’s outburst was the Supreme Court’s ruling that he is not immune to criminal subpoenas which in turn could lead to the American people finally getting a look at his much-discussed and ever evasive tax returns.

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The tweets are worth a read if for no other reason than to see how deeply unwell our president is. The man is cracking apart at the seams and voting him out of office is the most pressing emergency facing our country right now.

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