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Video shows white woman losing it and throwing shoeboxes after she’s asked to wear mask

Video shows white woman losing it and throwing shoeboxes after she’s asked to wear mask

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Another day, another viral Karen. A video has emerged from Oklahoma showing an incredibly entitled and inarguably unhinged woman throwing shoeboxes at the employee of a Sketchers store after she was asked to put on a mask.

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking more lives daily, most stores have decided to make masks mandatory and the store had a sign outside making its policy clear. Apparently, for this 56-year-old woman the simple, possibly lifesaving, inconvenience was simply too much to tolerate.

In the clip, the woman is seen heaving two boxes at the worker before turning tail and stomping out of the store. “That’s assault ma’am,” the employee can be heard saying before following the woman out into the parking lot and asking for her license number. The woman responsible for the attack ignores requests for her to give her name, climbs into her car, and speeds off.

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The attacker, demonstrating the kind of staggering intellect one would expect from someone who throws shoe boxes at strangers, accidentally left her wallet and license behind, which the victim was able to hand over to police when she contacted them to press assault charges. Hopefully, this woman is held accountable for her crime and people like her will learn to think twice before throwing a fit over having to wear masks.

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