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Furious Trump fan unleashes obscene tirade after seeing another driver’s Black Lives Matter sign

Furious Trump fan unleashes obscene tirade after seeing another driver’s Black Lives Matter sign

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The internet is abuzz today over a viral clip showcasing one of Donald Trump’s more unhinged supporters. The video shows a physically imposing man (who happens to be as red as his president is orange) driving a truck and hurling verbal abuse at another man who has “Black Lives Matter” written on his vehicle. Presumably, it was the pro-Black message that infuriated the MAGA meathead.

The clip starts with the white man already mid-tirade, screeching about how the other man is a “traiting loser f*cking piece of sh*t.” Given the obvious intelligence on display, it’s not surprising that he would use a made-up word like “traiting” instead of “traitorous” or “treasonous.” Diehard Trump supporters are rarely deeply thinking men.

When the aggressor realizes that the other individual is filming he taunts him to “videotape” him “all day long” while adjusting his truck speed to ensure that he stays right next to the other vehicle.

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“Trump will win!” the man says, sounding totally deranged. “And we’re going to bring it back, motherf*cker!” he adds, not specifying what the “it” he’s referring to might be.

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It’s possible he means bring America “back,” which might make sense given the president’s calls to “Make America Great Again.” It’s also possible—given the fact that it was a Black Lives Matter message that set the man off—that he meant bring back old school racism and white supremacist institutions. The latter explanation is perhaps interpreting too deeply, but given the man’s shocking response to a simple anti-racist and anti-police brutality slogan, it can’t be totally ruled out.

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The video ends with the angry man devolving into a series of  “f*ck you” while struggling to wrangle two pairs of sunglasses on his head before driving off.

The interaction must be seen to be believed and it should serve as a reminder of what we’re going up against this November. If Trump wins, people like this man will feel validated in their hateful behavior and things will only get worse.

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