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Don Jr.’s ill-informed voter fraud tweet gets a social media clap back

Don Jr.’s ill-informed voter fraud tweet gets a social media clap back

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The Republican antipathy towards democracy and clean elections has been well documented, but with Donald Trump’s poll numbers in the toilet, the impossibility of his re-election in a free and fair contest is becoming increasingly obvious.

Trump’s horror at the electoral disaster of his own making is such that he’s resorted to a persistent propaganda campaign against mail-in ballots at a time when COVID-19 fears make in-person voting particularly dangerous for its citizens across the country.

Claiming against all available evidence that absentee voting is rife with fraud, the president and his proxies at the state level have been doing everything they can to suppress votes rather than make it easier for people to exercise their rights to weigh in on their chosen candidates, knowing that the more people who get to vote, the larger their margin of defeat will be.

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has been amplifying his father’s social media war against simplified procedures for qualifying for an absentee ballot with his own tweets, and he blundered into a virtual bloodbath in the comments section of his latest post after choosing the worst possible example to try to prove his point about the inherent dangers of voting by mail.

Junior’s post was meant to be a response to those who downplay the risks of postal pilfering and illegal interference inherent in paper ballots conveyed by the U.S. Postal Service.

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Unfortunately for the presidential scion, the example he chose involved a case of electoral interference that benefited the Republican Party and was detected and deflected before a despicable disenfranchisement could occur.

The denizens of Twitter pounced on his misleading post like hungry wolverines.

There’s no better target for social media ridicule than the president’s eldest son — except for Donald Trump himself.

Hopefully, their time as public figures hogging the attention of the media will soon be over except for the inevitable coverage of their criminal trials. That time can’t come soon enough.

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