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The GOP’s rapid response director tries and fails to own Biden by posting adorable picture of his son

The GOP’s rapid response director tries and fails to own Biden by posting adorable picture of his son

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It’s a sign of how pathetic and desperate that Trump’s defenders are that even most innocent and apolitical of actions are breathlessly weaponized to try and prove liberal hypocrisy in the stupidest of culture war battles.

The Republican Party’s rapid response coordinator caused a stir on social media this afternoon when he tried to get one over on Joe Biden…by posting an adorable picture of him holding one of his sons, who was wearing a Washington Redskins hat.

UPDATE: The tweet has since been deleted, but here’s a screenshot:
On Monday, the Washington football team finally bowed to pressure from their corporate sponsors and announced they would be changing the name of the team away from the racial slur that previously served as the team’s name.

It is unclear how posting this photograph from at least 40 years ago is any kind of “own” or exposes any kind of hypocrisy on the part of Biden.

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In fact, it reflects extremely poorly on President Donald Trump, who brags about how little time he spent with his kids and how little interest he’s ever had in their lives.

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“There are certain things you do and certain things you don’t…It’s just not for me” he said when asked if he ever changed diapers. “He wasn’t really interested in the children until he could talk business with them…when they turned 21, I handed them over to him and said, ‘Here’s the finished product. You can take them from here” said his first wife and one of his alleged sexual assault victims, Ivana Trump.

It will be very refreshing for America to have a president who actually enjoys spending time with his children and took fatherhood as seriously as he will take the stewardship of this nation.

Social media immediately erupted in derision and mockery at Steve’s tweet — especially since it’s unclear if the baby in the photo is Beau Biden, who tragically lost a battle with brain cancer a few years ago:



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