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Trump rambles incoherently, appears to blame Obama for COVID testing troubles at event

Trump rambles incoherently, appears to blame Obama for COVID testing troubles at event

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America finds itself in the midst of a historic crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic ripping through the population but rather than a historic leader to guide us through it we are stuck with a babbling ignoramus who is far more concerned with his own political interests than public health.

Rather than making difficult and perhaps unpopular but ultimately wise decisions (like forcibly advocating for masks), Trump wants to pretend like everything is all right in the United States, perhaps in the hopes that the illusion of normalcy will help his reelection bid. His dangerous push to fully reopen schools in the fall is just the latest proof that he cares little for the lives of Americans and will continue to make things worse for all of us. Children are going to die because of this president.

As he drives us deeper into this collective disaster, Trump insists on gaslighting us all by claiming that he’s doing a great job of fighting COVID-19. His daily rhetoric is completely removed from reality and it’s clear he will never take responsibility for his colossal mistakes.

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Today, he engaged in more of his patented misinformation during a conversation with reporters. Presumably because he thinks all of us are too stupid to remember when the coronavirus pandemic began, he seemed to be trying to blame President Obama and Vice President Biden for the current crisis by saying they “stopped their testing.” He rambled on in such a way that it wasn’t totally clear if he meant coronavirus testing or some other kind and the ambiguity appeared to be intentional.

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Obviously, Trump’s predecessors didn’t do any coronavirus testing because the 19 in “COVID-19” stands for 2019. Trump was sworn into office in 2016. The virus didn’t exist during the Obama years.

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Later in the press conference, Trump devolved into unintelligible comments about the Chinese buying American products, saying that “whether they buy or not, that’s up to them,” but also that “they’re buying.” He seemed to have no idea what he was saying.

Bizarre moments like this really crystallize why it’s so important that we vote Trump out in November. He’s either lying about the situation facing this country, or he’s talking in such a confused muddled fashion that it’s impossible to understand him. In any case, he is inarguably unfit to lead.

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