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Trump shares crazed tweet from washed-up game show host that “everyone is lying” about COVID-19

Trump shares crazed tweet from washed-up game show host that “everyone is lying” about COVID-19

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Donald Trump sank to a new low with his social media behavior this morning, a development that hardly seemed possible given his long, sordid history with the website. The president decided it would be politically wise to wake up and retweet a message from washed-up game show host turned far-right kook Chuck Woolery whining about the “outrageous lies” surrounding COVID-19.

According to the CDC and thanks in large part to our president’s staggering incompetence, over 134,000 Americans have now died from the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than confront this grim reality though, President Trump is boosting the insane ramblings of men like Woolery who claims that “everyone is lying.”

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“Everyone” in this case means “the CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors.” Woolery, like a good little MAGA maniac, even came up with a paranoid delusion to justify his conspiracy theorizing. He claimed that the COVID-19 outbreak is actually “all about the election” and that the puppeteers orchestrating all of this are actually just trying to damage the economy to hurt Trump’s reelection prospects.

“I’m sick of it,” Woolery ended the tweet, an obliviously ironic choice of wording given that Americans are dying from sickness in droves right now.

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Even by Trumpian standards, this is retweet is deeply irresponsible. The president is making it clear that he’s willing to spread misinformation that could lead to more deaths if it allows him to paint himself as a victim ahead of the 2020 election. At every step of his presidency, this man has made it abundantly clear that he could not possibly care any less about the welfare of the people he swore to serve.  People have died and will continue to die because of him and this country will not be safe until he’s voted out of office.

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