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Ivanka gets brutally mocked after unveiling Trump team’s new job website

Ivanka gets brutally mocked after unveiling Trump team’s new job website

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The cluelessness of everyone in Donald Trump’s immediate family suggests that a genetic factor might be in play.

Of course, the intelligence of Mary Trump — the president’s psychologist niece who has written a devastating portrait of her uncle’s extreme mental disabilities — also provides a compelling argument that nurture (or the lack of it) may be contributing even more than nature when it comes to Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka.

The cluelessness was on full display when Ivanka Trump unveiled her new White House-approved ad campaign “Find Something New” meant to address the nation’s rapidly growing unemployment problem — a problem largely caused by the economic collapse of pandemic-related business closures.

Aimed primarily at laid-off blue-collar workers without college degrees, the campaign is designed to inspire these low-skilled jobless workers to pursue so-called “New-collar” positions, jobs that don’t require advanced degrees, yet still have a backlog of openings due to a lack of applicants.

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Amazing how from the perspective of the privileged, changing careers and finding new work seems so friction-free! Forget about not having enough money to buy decent clothes for a job interview, just skip a few meals! Can’t afford an Uber ride or other form of transportation to the company’s distant offices? Skip a few more meals and buy a bicycle or a new pair of shoes, this sort of thinking must imagine.

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Ivanka herself described the new social marketing gambit like this:

‘This initiative is about challenging the idea the traditional 2 and 4 yr college is the only option to acquire the skills needed to secure a job. This work has never been more urgent,’ the first daughter explained.

“We didn’t just arrive at the table during a global pandemic to talk about the importance of ensuring that we are making all options to a great life and securing the skills to have a career available to the public. This is something the president has been talking about since the very beginning of the administration,” she said.

“We should encourage a college education, of course, and we do celebrate it, we have the greatest college ecosystem of any country in the world, but we have to stop telling students and workers that this is the only viable option,” Ivanka Trump regally declared on Tuesday.

Forget equal educational opportunity, Ivanka seems to say. Some people have to be the serfs and there will always be garbage that needs collecting.

The critics on Twitter found Ivanka’s imperious attitude too much to bear and they let her know it in no uncertain terms.

Perhaps not the enthusiastic, optimistic response Ivanka was hoping for, but funny how the perspective changes when you’re not a trust fund baby who married into wealth.

It’s obvious that the president’s daughter has thoroughly learned the magical thinking techniques of her father while questionably sitting on his lap as a child.

Let her live in her fantasy land, while those of us in the real world work to ensure that the entire Trump family finds something new to do.

We hear that there are a lot of opportunities these days in prison commissary work.

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Original reporting by The Associated Press and Nikki Schwab at The Daily Mail.

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