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Video appears to show white man calling manager and cops on Black family for using hotel pool

Video appears to show white man calling manager and cops on Black family for using hotel pool

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Over the weekend, yet another Black family was treated to discrimination and harassment by white people because they didn’t want to share the same space as them.

Facebook user Shawnez McKenzie posted a video to Facebook showing her family leaving the pool area at the Holiday Express Inn in Sharonville, Ohio, after the manager allegedly began locking up the pool after a white family complained.

While the family leaves the pool and comforts their confused children, one woman says “I just didn’t think I was gon’ have to see this.”

As they begin leaving, the instigators of this incident, a family of enormous white people, walks by. “They finna go swim” complains one of the women.

Then the conflict that started this whole thing quickly becomes apparent. “They didn’t want to be in the pool with colored people” says a Black woman, at which point the fat white man turns around immediately and barks “I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT. WHAT DID I TELL YOU?”

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When one of the kids begins to cry, he yells “why don’t you tell them to keep their mouths shut,” which naturally provokes an angry reaction from the filmer. The white family files back in to try and pull the man away, but the truth comes out: “Y’all not racist? He said he was gonna leave if we kept sitting here!”

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This prompts one of the white women to get involved, arguing that he was just mad because people were swimming who “didn’t have rooms” — but as the black family responded, “how do you know that?” Then it becomes clear that the white man had said he was calling the police.

The grandmother breaks down crying in heartbreaking fashion, saying that “I just wanted to watch my grandkids swim…it don’t even matter. We always gonna have to go through this!”

Those words hit like a gut-punch. It is so senseless and painful to have to see Black Americans go through this kind of invalidating and discriminatory experience time and time again for just trying to live their lives normally and enjoy the amenities that white people also get to enjoy.

Watch it here:

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