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Video shows dramatic confrontation between Kellyanne and her daughter as she takes her phone away

Video shows dramatic confrontation between Kellyanne and her daughter as she takes her phone away

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By choosing to tie herself to the worst president in American history Kellyanne Conway has secured for herself a reviled place in the history books.  Her undesirable legacy isn’t the only price she’ll be paying for her damaging opportunism though, as her MAGA sycophancy has clearly inflicted a more personal toll on her family.

Conway’s husband George has been an outspoken critic of President Trump and more recently their young daughter Claudia went viral for her anti-Trump social media content. While Kellyanne and George generally refrain from discussing their deep political differences publicly, their daughter has been far more willing to air the family’s dirty laundry. In the past, she went so far as to call her parents out on Twitter over their failed marriage.

More recently, Claudia posted a video showing an incredibly awkward interaction with her mother. It shows Kellyanne following her daughter through her house, telling her that her father wants her to shut down her social media because not everyone interacting is “well-meaning,” a particularly rich observation coming out of the mouth of a woman whose life is devoted to propping up our incredibly ill-meaning president.

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“Okay and?” Claudia responds to her mother’s comments, visibly annoyed with her.  Mrs. Conway then addresses the camera and tries to put on the faux friendly personality that she regularly uses on television while peddling Trump’s lies. She then snatches the phone out of Claudia’s hands and the video cuts off.

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As it turns out, the Conway parents did not appreciate their daughter offering the world an unvarnished look inside their deeply dysfunctional household because yesterday Claudia tweeted out that her parents are forcing her to delete her social media and that she would no longer be tweeting and no longer have a platform. She stressed that she loves her followers and urged them to “keep fighting.” While it seems unlikely that’ll we’ll see more content from her anytime soon, she must be commended for standing up to her mother.

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