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Alabama Dems immediately go for the throat against Doug Jones’ new Republican opponent with epic tweetstorm

Alabama Dems immediately go for the throat against Doug Jones’ new Republican opponent with epic tweetstorm

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It is not too dramatic to say that the upcoming 2020 election is likely the most important political contest in American history. Almost as important as running Donald Trump out of the White House is retaking the  Senate from Mitch McConnell and his band of radical obstructionists, which will allow the Democrats to actually exercise power in Washington again for the first time in ten years.

That’s why its very refreshing to see Democrats getting down and dirty and sending a message to our enemies that we plan to fight tooth and nail for every race, even those that look like uphill battles.

Last night, ex-football coach Tommy Tuberville emerged victorious against former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Alabama’s primary runoff, which will pit him against incumbent Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) in November.

Jones managed to squeak out an unlikely win in a 2017 special election, largely in part because his opponent, psychotic racist ex-Judge Roy Moore, was exposed as an alleged child molester shortly before the election. He’s now facing an uphill battle against Tuberville, who polls show is anywhere from 13 to 3 percentage points ahead.

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But as soon as the race was called for Tuberville, the Alabama Democratic Party immediately came out firing with a series of absolutely brutal tweets — and hit “Tubs” in the most Southern way possible: by roasting his college football career. Showing an aggressive confidence that is often sorely missing from Democratic Party messaging, the AL Dems made it clear to the whole nation that they are not ready to give up the first seat they’ve managed to turn blue in decades.

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This is the kind of energy that we’re going to need to keep Doug Jones in the Senate and take the majority back from Trump’s enablers. While the struggle to overcome the dangers of COVID-19 and the appalling voter suppression that Republican-run Alabama throws at its Black citizens will be difficult indeed, there is some hope. Only 10-15% of voters came out to vote for Trump’s candidate last night, which has GOP strategists already voicing their concerns about what the Trump Effect might have on November’s turnout.

All we can say is: Alabama Democrats…get his ass.

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