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Trump accuses Biden of wanting to “abolish suburbs” in flailing Twitter attack

Trump accuses Biden of wanting to “abolish suburbs” in flailing Twitter attack

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It’s funny what disastrous poll numbers can lead Donald Trump to say.

It’s almost as if the panic over watching his re-election chances sail off in the wind like the smoke from the smoldering embers of the dumpster fire that he created leads the president to blurt out increasingly more outlandish false accusations against his presumed Democrat opponent Joe Biden with each day.

With absolutely no regard for the type of internal logic that could at least lend an air of credibility to the ludicrous claims he makes about Biden, Trump sends posts out on Twitter that, when carefully parsed, make as much sense as an omelet made with shards of broken glass.

Take the president’s tweet this morning evaluating the educational plan that the Biden campaign has proposed after consultation with Senator Bernie Sanders, the standard-bearer for the Democratic party’s progressive wing.

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Whatever your position on charter schools, it’s undeniable that the diversion of money from publicly-managed schools and putting those funds into privately-owned, for-profit charter schools weakens the public school system designed to educate all citizens, not just those who have the money for private institutions.

Conflating educational policy with physical safety makes no sense whatsoever until you realize that the Trump administration is pushing for schools to reopen before the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic will allow such moves to be taken safely.

Then you understand that — contrary to the accusations being flung at Joe Biden by the president — it is in Trump’s America that no one will be safe.

The illogic of the conclusions in that tweet was minor compared to those of the accusations Trump makes in his next tweet.

Why Twitter hasn’t removed this post is mystifying. None of the policies that Trump claims Biden and the “Radical Left” are advocating are anywhere to be found in the Democratic platform.

The Defund the Police movement isn’t about abolishing the police, but reforming the institution and substituting social workers and other more appropriate government employees to handle situations where deadly force is an option of absolute last resort, like a traffic violation or the handling of mentally ill people in distress.

While abolishing an agency that separates families and locks up children in appalling conditions is a treasured goal of many progressives, it is the behavior of the agency under Trump, not the institution itself, that most democrats object to.

Trump’s mentions of abolishing bail — another method of oppression used against poor people for minor offenses to keep people in a prison system that is increasingly putting dollars into the pockets of private prison contractors — and the 2nd Amendment —  something that no Democrat has seriously proposed — is another scare tactic designed to create fear and prevent the passage of sensible gun regulations in this nation.

The accusation that Biden wants to abolish “Suburbs” is the most outlandish of the claims that the president makes.

What exactly does that mean? How could anyone even do that?

Does Trump envision Joe Biden sitting in the cab of crane with a hard hat on swinging a wrecking ball that demolishes tract houses across the country on a nationwide swath of destruction?

Perhaps Trump can spend his inevitable prison sentence reinventing himself as the author of a series of right-wing dystopian science fiction novels. The only problem with that idea is that science fiction requires a working knowledge of science and writing requires some basic literacy, immediately ruling out that idea for rehabilitation therapy in Trump’s twilight years.

We know we’re not currently safe in Donald Trump’s America, between the coronavirus pandemic and the proliferation of armed right-wing militants with hair-trigger tempers and aversions to face masks. Who in their right mind would vote for four more years of this?

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