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Trump mercilessly mocked after posing with Goya beans inside the Oval Office

Trump mercilessly mocked after posing with Goya beans inside the Oval Office

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The Battle of the Beans rages on. Last week, the CEO of Goya Foods ignited a firestorm of criticism after he appeared with President Trump in the White House Rose Garden and heaped praise on our disastrous leader, going so far as to make the absurd claim that we are “truly blessed” to “have a leader like President Trump who is a builder.”

Given Trump’s long history of racist rhetoric against people of color, many reasonably interpreted the CEO’s remarks as a gross betrayal since Goya customers often buy their products to create Hispanic cuisine. The company rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, largely by catering to a community for whom their CEO clearly has little respect.

As outrage grew, calls for a boycott sprang up all over the internet and Republicans responded by declaring their allegiance to Goya, a brand which it can safely be presumed few of them had ever even purchased before this news story blew up. Conservatives are eager to turn this into their latest culture war battlefield in the hopes of distracting from how incompetently the GOP-controlled Senate and White House are handling the COVID-19 crisis.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was roundly mocked for devoting his attention to the Goya boycott while a deadly pandemic is raging and then First Daughter Ivanka Trump got the same treatment yesterday when she posted a picture of herself with a can of beans (a photo which violated ethics regulations against White House officials endorsing products).

Now, President Trump has thrown himself back into the fray by posting a ludicrous photo of himself in the Oval Office, seated behind the Resolute Desk, posing with Goya foodstuffs and grinning like a fool. The desk upon which historic legislation was signed into law by previous presidents has now been reduced to a glorified infomercial prop.

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The social media backlash was swift and brutal.

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