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Twitter hilariously dunks on Ivanka for wildly unethical tweet promoting Goya beans

Twitter hilariously dunks on Ivanka for wildly unethical tweet promoting Goya beans

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Ivanka Trump, despite all of her repeated efforts to paint herself as a moderate voice and a feminist advocate, is really no better than her father or her odious brothers. She loves to give lip service to ostensibly progressive ideals but at the end of the day, she invariably sides with the destructive reactionary agenda of the Trump administration. She is a cynical opportunist, willing to whitewash her father’s atrocities if she thinks she can wring some personal gain from it.

Yesterday, the First Daughter took to Twitter to signal her party loyalty by tweeting out an asinine photo of herself with a can of Goya beans, praising the foodstuffs brand. To most people, it probably seemed like an incredibly random and bizarre message (especially when one considers that White House officials are barred by ethics regulations from endorsing products). To MAGA fanatics who follow every little dustup the president throws himself into, it was political red meat.

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Last week, the CEO of Goya appeared in the White House Rose Garden with President Trump and praised his leadership. Soon after, calls to boycott the company spread throughout the internet, with many Americans understandably furious that the head of a company that makes much of its money selling to consumers of Hispanic cuisine would endorse a man who has smeared Mexicans as rapists and criminals.

Republicans, always eager for an inane culture war issue to district voters so that they can continue ransacking our country and lining their own pockets, raced to defend Goya. Many of them posted images of themselves filling their shopping carts with Goya cans, convinced in their unhinged zealotry that by wasting their own money on mediocre beans they were somehow “owning” liberals.

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Ivanka, for her part, would have been better off remaining quiet on this issue because her tweet ending up going mega-viral, with Twitter users heaping mockery on her while unleashing a wave of hilarious photoshopped images. As she so often does, the president’s favored child has once again made herself into a laughingstock.

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