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Video shows white Florida woman freaking out about mask rules while Walmart employees laugh

Video shows white Florida woman freaking out about mask rules while Walmart employees laugh

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1 — Walmart parking lot

1 — mask-hating woman

1 — Florida

Combine the ingredients, mix them up, and add a garnish of highly amused Walmart workers, and you have the recipe for the latest viral “Karen” video making the rounds today.

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This one comes from Winter Springs, Florida where local news at WESH-TV reported about a weekend outburst by a woman who is among the unbelievers of social cooperation and the efficacy of facial coverings against the rampages of the COVID-19 virus.

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While the nation’s 1st Amendment guarantees our citizens the right to hold and express whatever opinion they wish, it does not, as this Florida woman soon learned, shelter them from ridicule when they openly say things that those that hear their comments consider stupid, dangerous, or just plain wrong-headed.

Our videographer was a fellow Walmart patron who stumbled upon the scene that was already in progress as the woman was loudly protesting her inability to enter the store without a protective mask — a now-familiar occurrence with the proliferation of selfish “mask-holes” who deny science, exhibit a disdain for accepting responsibility for the health of their fellow humans, and are the biggest stumbling block to America ever moving past the ever-rising death toll from an uncontrolled pandemic.

The video is brief, but functions in a haiku-like manner in rendering the current political polarization over government health regulations into a compact distillation of society. Take a look.

On the same day that Walmart corporate headquarters confirmed that all customers must wear masks when inside any of the giant chain store’s locations across the country, the laughter of the Walmart worker who was presumably the person blocking our enraged “Karen” from entering the store encapsulates the bewilderment that those who see common-sense measures to try to prevent the further prevent the spread of a delay infectious agent as a no-brainer (and see those people who refuse to follow the rules as having no brains) have towards the delusional deniers of risk.

Don’t be a “Karen” or a “Ken.” Wear a mask for your own health and for the safety of others.

Smart people can beat this virus. Let Darwinian selection take its course otherwise.

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Original reporting by WESH-TV.

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