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New video shows LAPD cops throwing Black protester from his wheelchair and appear to break it

New video shows LAPD cops throwing Black protester from his wheelchair and appear to break it

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Though the mainstream media has inevitably gotten bored with covering the nation-wide Black Lives Matter protests now that there aren’t gratuitous images of burning buildings with which to terrify their suburban viewers with, the protests are still being held — and the police are still responding to them with appalling violence.

A new video from Los Angeles shows the police pulling a Black Lives Matter protester from his WHEELCHAIR and then throwing him to the ground, while they take his chair away. After the cops are done, the wheelchair is clearly in pieces with the wheels separated from the chair.

After nearly a straight month of protests, it should be clear to everyone that all the protests in the world will not inspire the cops to change their violent ways.

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Since the protests began, the police have unleashed a tidal wave of vindictive brutality against unarmed protesters while responding to their political critics with childish displays of derision. Protesters have documented over six hundred incidents of police brutality on film; cops have been recorded deliberately shooting protesters in the head with “nonlethal” ammo at point-blank range, leaving their victims with shattered skulls and lost eyes.

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Riot police have been observed deliberately targeting journalists at least 382 times with arrest or assault during the protests, punishing them for recording their actions for the world to see.

They are telling us loud and clear that far from being swayed by the protests, the outpouring of public fury and frustration at the horrifying violence that the police inflict on Black Americans only enrages them. They are utterly unreformable.

The burden of change now falls to our political class. How many of these gut-wrenching videos do we need to see before serious, systematic change takes place?

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