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Chris Wallace fact-checks Trump on Biden lies to his face, causing Trump to interrupt the interview

Chris Wallace fact-checks Trump on Biden lies to his face, causing Trump to interrupt the interview

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President Trump’s war on reality hit an embarrassing roadblock with the release of a new interview clip this afternoon. The upcoming discussion for FOX News Sunday between President Trump and FOX News’ Chris Wallace showcased the embarrassing reality of what happens to your brain when you get all your news from FOX’s opinion shows — and how hostile the president is to any and all facts that contradict his personal delusions.

In the clip, Trump claims to Wallace that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden wants to defund the police. When Wallace corrects him and informs him that Joe Biden does not want to defund the police, Trump insists that he “signed a charter with Bernie Sanders”  that stated that he wanted to defund the police.

Trump angrily interrupts the interview and barks to his aide to “get the copy of the charter.” Wallace goes on to laugh at the president and explained to his co-host how the president had his staff get the documents and failed to find proof that Biden wanted to defund the police.

Sadly, it is disappointing to hear Joe Biden talk about wanting to increase funding for the police in the wake of the appalling violence that America’s cops have inflicted on peaceful protesters and journalists over the past two months.

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Far from responding to the protests over the murder of George Floyd with reflection or any kind of internal reassessment of their behavior, America’s cops have unleashed a tidal wave of vindictive brutality against unarmed protesters while responding to their political critics with childish displays of derision. Protesters have documented over six hundred incidents of police brutality on film; cops have been recorded deliberately shooting protesters in the head with “nonlethal” ammo at point-blank range, leaving their victims with shattered skulls and lost eyes.

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Riot police have been observed deliberately targeting journalists at least 382 times with arrest or assault during the protests, punishing them for recording their actions for the world to see.

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The events of the past two months have made it beyond clear that sweeping reform is needed across the board in America’s police forces, along with an end to the ridiculous amount of municipal funding they are allowed to leech away to pay for exorbitantly expensive brutality settlements and the purchase of BearCat tanks.

Reforming America’s police and dismantling the racial caste system they enforce is as demanding a moral obligation and as critical a political battle for the Democratic Party to commit itself to as the threats of climate change and dark money in politics are, so a concerted effort to push Biden toward a more radical approach is needed.

That being said, getting Joe Biden elected to the Presidency is the strongest moral imperative our nation may have ever faced and we must commit all our energies to doing so.

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Colin Taylor
Opinion columnist and former editor-in-chief of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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