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“It’s not the hardest test”: Chris Wallace disses Trump over cognitive test results he brags about

“It’s not the hardest test”: Chris Wallace disses Trump over cognitive test results he brags about

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Vox‘s Aaron Rupar is one journalist who has been dutifully chronicling Donald Trump’s media appearances as president on Twitter the past few years and commenting on the president’s most unfortunate utterances.

As such his analysis of Trump’s behavior after the president left his pre-recorded interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace bears attention.

Given that Trump has managed to completely undermine himself even when talking to his biggest supporters at the cable news network that helped land him in the White House with their fawning coverage of his campaign in 2016, it’s not surprising that he managed to dig himself a deeper hole with one of the few actual journalists at Fox News, one who isn’t afraid of challenging the president’s rote lies.

Perhaps the most embarrassing exchange in the interview between Donald Trump and Chris Wallace came when the intellectually rigorous Fox News host was discussing the recent cognitive exam that the president was bragging that he passed with flying colors as if it was some sort of magna cum laude accolade.

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Who would have ever imagined that this country would ever reach the point where the mental acuity and stability of the President of the United States would be under such serious debate?

Well, the framers of the 25th Amendment, of course, but until Trump, no one ever questioned whether the president existed in the same shared notion of reality that the rest of us recognize.

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Wallace was unimpressed with the reassurances that accompany Trump’s successful completion of the standard cognitive test, particularly since he took the time to take the test himself and found it less than a ringing endorsement of higher mental functioning.

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the test and want to see whether you would pass it yourself, here’s a copy of the standard Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

One must admire Wallace’s steely nerves as he belittles Trump’s achievement in supposedly acing the cognitive test.

Watch the exchange below.

No matter how much Trump brags about his cognitive agility vis-a-vis Joe Biden, he then proceeds to demolish the credibility of cognitive tests with the next set of delusions he tries to peddle next.

Sure, you could chalk up his insane fear-mongering about Biden and the Democrats abolishing religion in this country to crude and intellectually demeaning politicking, but who in their right mind would deign to actually believe what he says if they weren’t already a fully-brainwashed member of his death cult?

Kudos to Chris Wallace for his willingness to confront the president with the absurdity of his claims and the lack of significance of Trump’s cognitive gold star.

No wonder Trump has switched his loyalties from Fox News to OAN. No wonder that he isn’t promoting the interview on Twitter.

With Wallace not cooperating in the Fox News whitewash of the White House’s white-rage-based campaign and the news that James Murdoch, the younger son of Rupert, the owner of the news conglomerate, has become a major contributor to the Biden campaign, one doesn’t need a cognitive test to sense which way the wind is blowing, as Fox‘s own polls tell the story quite well.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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