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“Not a good loser”: Trump dodges Fox News question about whether he’ll accept election results

“Not a good loser”: Trump dodges Fox News question about whether he’ll accept election results

No one ever got rich betting that Donald Trump would say something reasonable or rational.

Although the payoff on that bet would likely be astronomical given the infinitesimal odds involved, it would be like betting that the rapture would occur at exactly 5:37 PM GMT tomorrow.

Theoretically, it could be possible, but it’s so highly unlikely as to make it purely a sucker’s bet.

Anyone who wagered that the president would fail to display his typical violations of social norms, disordered thinking, and insatiable narcissism when he was interviewed in the semi-friendly confines of Fox News was tossing away their betting stubs as worthless trash after Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace that finally aired in its entirety after several days of leaked teases of the highlights of the conversation.

Perhaps the most frightening and telling interaction of the interview was a newly broadcast segment where Wallace asks the president straight out whether he will be willing to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election if — as all polls now indicate — he loses.

While Trump’s answer is ultimately not surprising and is completely in synch with all your likely expectations of how he would react to such a question, it’s still chilling to everyone who values the democratic process to witness the president of the United States so casually abandon the principles underlying our republic in a nationally televised interview.

Take a look for yourselves.

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After refusing to commit to accepting the results of an election that he has already decided will be rife with voter fraud, Trump and his Republican coat-tail-hanging enablers are doing everything they can to suppress voter turnout and absentee ballot availability despite the ever-rising number of COVID-19 cases that they have allowed to run amok due to their short-sighted mismanagement of the pandemic.

That Trump immediately launches into his paranoid pity-party — falsely claiming to have accomplished more than any president in history during his term to date and to be the persecuted victim of a vast Democratic deep-state conspiracy — tells us how truly delusional he is and how little he cares about anyone but himself.

He is so unaware of the expectations that the American public has of their chief executive, his mission, and his behavior, that he continues to ignore the pandemic deaths and the mounting economic devastation that will only disappear once the virus is practically eradicated.

Given that eliminating the virus will require both Trump and the American people to make extended sacrifices and continue in quarantine with significant business shutdowns, further damaging the economy and the president’s political prospects, it’s unlikely that Trump will change course at this juncture.

All the more reason to seek his ouster now, rather than wait for the November election. Perhaps, the plummeting poll numbers will convince Republicans to at the very least refuse to renominate him as their candidate in the ultimate insider coup as desperation begins to set in and party unity devolves to “every (white) man for himself.”

In the meantime, Trump only sends his poll numbers lower every time he speaks publically and ignores the big COVID-19 problem elephant in the room.

At this point, Biden barely needs to campaign.

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Vinnie Longobardo
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