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Twitter roasts Mitch McConnell for wearing a tan suit in the Oval Office

Twitter roasts Mitch McConnell for wearing a tan suit in the Oval Office

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It’s no secret that the most shocking political scandal in all of American history is that of the infamous Tan Suit. At least one might have thought so if you followed right-wing media at the time. President Obama’s decision to wear a tan suit in the Oval Office famously shocked and horrified conservatives, who argued that it wasn’t professional enough for a president to wear even though tan suits had been worn by at least six other presidents before him.

But those presidents were white and therefore deserved to not have their every move dragged through the mud, no matter how stupid or pedestrian it was.

That ridiculous reaction was so over the top it became a meme unto itself in the Trump era, whose administration has been characterized by an endless series of appalling political scandals that involve the deaths of thousands of Americans and the most outrageous corruption our nation has ever witnessed — but is met with stony silence from his Republican enablers.

That meme roared back into the national consciousness today when Mitch McConnell wore a tan suit in the Oval Office, prompting widespread mockery and derision on social media.

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