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Outrage erupts after ABC News claims Trump is displaying a “new tone” and recognizes “gravity of the moment”

Outrage erupts after ABC News claims Trump is displaying a “new tone” and recognizes “gravity of the moment”

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There is a persistent effort among members of the mainstream media to try and normalize Trump and portray him as having “turned a corner,” no matter how outrageous his behavior is and no matter how poorly he treats their publications.

On Tuesday, ABC’s Rick Klein published an article arguing that Trump is displaying a “new tone” and “new level of engagement” after urging from his advisors — and undermined his own take by pointing out that even though the President had indeed tweeted out a photograph of himself wearing a mask, Trump had claimed that “masks cause problems” literally the day before.

The president is displaying a new tone and a new level of engagement, after aides and allies have pleaded with him to recognize the gravity of the moment. His tweet of himself wearing a mask came just a day after another interview aired where he said people should have ‘freedom’ and that ‘masks cause problems, too.'”

At this point in the presidency, we should all be capable of recognizing when the president is making a one-off course correction to appease his political advisors that everyone knows is meaningless and performative — but for some reason, Klein felt the need to make it seem like Trump had had an epiphany and would now be behaving like a responsible president when it came to the coronavirus crisis.

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Social media users quickly let ABC News how frustrated they were with this inexplicable attempt to put lipstick on our swine president:

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