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Trump brutally mocked for claiming his disastrous, sweaty Chris Wallace interview got “good reviews”

Trump brutally mocked for claiming his disastrous, sweaty Chris Wallace interview got “good reviews”

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Donald Trump’s decision to sit down with Fox‘s Chris Wallace for the one-on-one interview that aired this past weekend was inexplicable. Wallace has for some time been the only moderate voice at the conservative network and has proven more than willing to criticize the president on his show. Going in, the White House had to expect that the president would face questions outside his softball comfort zone.

Trump, for his part, has largely refused to talk to anchors who aren’t sympathetic to his disastrous presidency, preferring instead to speak with sycophants like Sean Hannity, who can be trusted to paper over his lies and compliment him on his blunders.

Now that the Wallace interview has been released, it’s apparent that Trump should have stuck to his tried-and-tested strategy. It came out over the weekend and by any conceivable metric was an unmitigated disaster for the president. Trump found his misinformation about Joe Biden fact-checked in real-time, had his claim that the cognitive test he took was difficult humorously shredded, and was generally made to look like a buffoon.

Throughout it all he was visibly perspiring, rendering the entire performance all the more pathetic and unsettling. Nobody who was on the fence about Trump’s reelection could have possibly walked away from watching the interview with a stronger desire to vote for him.

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His horrendous performance has clearly been weighing on Trump because this morning he took to Twitter to express thanks for the “good reviews and comments” on his Chris Wallace interview, as delusional a tweet as he has penned to date. He claimed that they met have “set a record” for doing their interview in the heat.

“It was 100 degrees, making things very interesting!” he claimed, making an incredibly clumsy stab at trying to excuse his profuse sweating. It’s worth noting that Chris Wallace didn’t appear to be perspiring.

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There are really only two possible explanations for Trump’s tweet. Either he knows the interview was a PR catastrophe and wants to give it a positive spin in the vain hope of recovering his dignity, or his inner circle is outright lying to him and feeding him a warped version of how people perceived the clips.

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Both explanations are deeply embarrassing and do nothing to change the fact that Trump is doing a wonderful job of scuttling his own reelection prospects. Here’s hoping he does more interviews like this one.

The tweet unleashed a wave of mockery, including everything from straightforward criticism to hilariously edited versions of the interview.

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