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Video shows white man screaming racial slur and pounding on Verizon store window

Video shows white man screaming racial slur and pounding on Verizon store window

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There’s nothing like watching an unrepentant racist raging in his full bile-laden anger, caught on video for the whole world to see his bonafide deplorability in its complete wretchedness while ruining his reputation amongst the civilized folks and possibly ensuring his dismissal from his job.

While watching the incident on video from the safety of our homes may provide us with the satisfaction of feeling morally superior to any combustible bundle of racial animosity, when you witness such a scene in person it’s another story altogether.

Just ask Percell Wright, a Stafford Virginia man who was assaulted by a visibly out-of-control man as Wright was holding the door to help an elderly man enter a Verizon retail store this past weekend, according to his Facebook post.

Wright told the story behind the appalling video footage when posting the clip to his page on the social media platform.

“VERIZON KEVIN assaulted me before entering store throwing phones inside store then picking them up leaving the store claiming he had something else for us. I IMMEDIATELY locked the door behind him. PLEASE help me get him FIRED. He used racial slurs and spit at me. I know his name is Robert. Robert initially pulled up to store in a company truck making a hard stop in front of store before jumping out and assaulting me while I was holding door for elderly man. He was only charged with Disorderly conduct. When police arrived I asked about assault charges. Robert stated he tripped before he hit me..true but his intentions before he tripped was to hit me I believe…as you can see what I mean Watch the video.. Robert works for Mid Atlantic Fire Protection # 757-455-8888 Incident occurred in Stafford, Virginia…Let get Robert Fired. Please Share……”

You can watch the encounter in the video below.
Thorazine dart gun, anyone?
While it’s good to know that the policeman we see chatting with “Robert” at the end of the video finally arrested the violent racist on disorderly conduct charges, the fact that he didn’t charge the man with assault after being told of what he did to Wright makes for a disappointing denouement for the incident.
Such is America in the Trump era.
Let’s make America an unwelcoming place for racists like this again.
We can start by as soon as possible removing from the office of the presidency the man who has somehow made such behavior acceptable in the more ignorant circles of society.
Scenes like the one above show us how important and necessary it is.

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Original reporting by Brad Redd at RawStory.

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