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Shocking video shows Trump’s goons using tear gas and batons against the “Wall of Moms”

Shocking video shows Trump’s goons using tear gas and batons against the “Wall of Moms”

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For 55 straight days, the people of Portland, Oregon have been protesting day in and day out against police violence and systemic racism. In response, President Trump has deployed his Department of Homeland Security goons to unleash appalling displays of brutality and violence against who he smears as “violent criminals” but in reality are just ordinary citizens who are tired of seeing their kids so abused by “law enforcement.”

In response to the horrifying tales of unmarked federal agents in unmarked vans kidnapping protesters without charge and the fascistic violence that law enforcement has been gleefully inflicting on the protesters, a large group of women of Portland organized themselves into a “Wall of Moms” around a week ago, daring the police to unleash the same kind of violence that they do against young people of color against middle-aged white women wearing bike helmets and carrying peace signs.

“Don’t shoot your mother!” and “Moms are here, Feds stay clear!” chanted the women as they march — and are met with batons, tear gas, and bone-shattering rubber bullets from the president’s goons.

Astonishing footage of the warzone that the federal agents have created in Portland was captured by journalists:

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The courage of these protesters in the face of terrifying violence from Trump’s goons cannot be understated. As the president begins to deploy more federal agents to cities around the nation in a desperate and violent crackdown, more “Wall of Mom” chapters are being formed in response.

“When you’re a mom you have this primal urge to protect kids, and not just your kids, all kids. To see a grown man reaching out and calling for his mother — I think that was a transformational moment for so many of us. It’s like: What choice do we have but to do this? said Wall of Moms organizer Jennie Vinson, 43, to the Washington Post.

How any can look at these videos and still support Donald Trump or the violent racists in America’s police departments is beyond understanding. This is the exact kind of fascistic brutality that we would rightfully sanction other countries for — but it’s taking place in our own cities, on the orders of our own president.

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