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Trump’s 2nd new and improved COVID briefing starts with immediate blame shifting

Trump’s 2nd new and improved COVID briefing starts with immediate blame shifting

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With no rallies to attend thanks to his bang-up job protecting the nation from the COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump has been forced to channel all his copious B.S. into the newly resurrected coronavirus pandemic response team briefings…minus the actual medical and scientific experts whom people might actually want to hear from.

After managing to skate his way fairly unscathed through the first briefing yesterday by mostly sticking to his prepared remarks — until a reporter asked him about jailed sex trafficking suspect Ghislaine Maxwell, whom he inexplicably wished well — Trump began his briefing today with some immediate gaslighting about the causes of the persistent rise in pandemic statistics in America.

Would you buy a used car from this man? Or even a used bus pass?

Trying to parcel out the blame to everyone — BLM protestors, Mexico, Democrats, etc. — but himself for the massive failure that has been this nation’s uncoordinated and sloppy response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Trump embarrasses himself with his “the buck stops somewhere over there” ethos.

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The stench of ignorance, self-serving manipulation, and malevolent intent wafts from his body even over the internet-fed video stream.

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With no scientific experts there to contradict him, Trump was free to say whatever he wanted about the pandemic without fear of contradiction. When asked why Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx or the nation’s other leading medical advisors were not at the briefing, Trump responded with an answer that anyone who has ever played a game of “Telephone” knows is sure to lead to disastrous miscommunications.

Since it doesn’t take very long to sling his sanitized propaganda and name his blame targets, the questions from reporters came earlier than usual at these events than in the past.

Not unexpectedly, questions about his plans to send armed and incognito federal troops (or “law enforcement agents,” as he euphemizes the camouflaged Gestapo with automatic weapons) to Chicago — a scheme that was announced earlier in the day — were quick to be slung his way.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get my medical risk assessments from a more reliable source than what a president —whose own staff thinks he’s a moron, an idiot, or a dope, depending on which one you ask — tells me “a lot of people are saying,” which is typical Trump-speak for “I’m making shit up on the spot because I don’t really know what I’m talking about.”

Despite supposedly being a coronavirus task force briefing, Trump’s illegal military campaign against America’s own citizens kept coming up repeated;y in the White House correspondents’ questions.

No one has ever won a logic-based argument with Donald Trump since it’s a language that is as unfamiliar to him as an obscure Mongolian dialect.

While no journalist has yet to manage to ask the president a single question recently about why he has never responded to Russian bounties placed on American soldiers’ heads in Afghanistan, several other of his recent scandals did manage to be brought up by reporters eager to hear Trump squirm his way out of his latest outrages.

Funny how only Trump can use a racist phrase like “China virus” while trying to defend himself from charges of racism leveled against him by his Democratic opponent and comparing himself favorably with Abraham Lincoln.

Trump’s hasty retreat before he dug himself into a deeper hole prevented us from getting the answer to the request for clarification of his fond well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, but with Trump likely to continue holding these press briefings every day until it’s safe to assemble large groups of his misguided band of low information voters, we’ll probably get another chance to ask tomorrow.

At least we have another day’s worth of lies and misinformation to tide us over until he’s banished from the White House.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox and by Daniel Dale at CNN.

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