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Ivanka Trump causes outrage with taxpayer funded lake photoshoot in middle of pandemic

Ivanka Trump causes outrage with taxpayer funded lake photoshoot in middle of pandemic

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Ivanka Trump has once again drawn the ire of Twitter users, this time over an incredibly tone-deaf tweet about the pandemic. The First Daughter—who thanks to her father’s love of nepotism serves as an Advisor to the President—shared a series of clearly staged photographs at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

She gave lip service to caring about families struggling through the pandemic and said that visiting the national parks can offer them “respite.” The reality, of course, is that tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many families barely have enough money for food and rent, let alone a vacation to a national park. As usual, Ivanka is insulated in her privileged world and completely out of touch with what most Americans are going through. Like her father, she seems to lack the basic human ability to empathize.

While she claimed that the lovely little vacation was planned to celebrate a new conservation bill with Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, the post made it look more like a pleasure trip paid for by the taxpayer’s dime. Americans were forced to shell out for security and travel expenses to fly Ivanka across the country so that she could pose for a photoshoot before rubbing it in our collective face.

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As for the bill itself, it runs contrary to the Trump administration’s abysmal track record on national parks and the environment in general. It constitutes a stab at a cheap PR win ahead of the 2020 election.

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This is, after all, the president who opened up national parks to mining and drilling, disrupted wildlife and fragile ecosystems by building his border wall through other national parks, made it legal for hunters to slaughter bear and wolf cubs in their dens, and who is currently using the cover provided by the coronavirus to sell off large parcels of public land to fossil fuel companies. It’s also worth noting that the Trump-appointed Bernhardt is a former oil lobbyist. An ally of nature, this president is not.

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One piece of good legislation doesn’t rewrite the Trumps’ atrocious legacy on this subject.

Twitter users, many of them unable to leave their homes, were incensed by the First Daughter’s shameless gloating. People are unable to pay their bills, the Trump administration so far has done little beyond sending out one round of stimulus checks, and meanwhile tax dollars are being wasted on Ivanka’s flights of fancy.

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