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Video shows white woman throwing wild tantrum at Black deliveryman

Video shows white woman throwing wild tantrum at Black deliveryman

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Another racist video has gone viral, this time depicting a white woman in Los Angeles losing her mind over a Black Postmates deliveryman. The man in question was simply trying to do his job and deliver food to a tenant of the building when the woman accosted him, presumably outraged that a Black man would dare enter the building she lives in.

The video, recorded by the man, starts with the woman already blocking his entry.

“So you’re not going to let me in to deliver this food? I have the number,” says the deliveryman as the woman mutters under her breath that she’s “glad” she was there to stop him. The man then punches in the number to access the intercom system and the woman orders him not to “point that sh*t” at her, meaning the camera.

“I have food I have to deliver to somebody ma’am,” the man explains calmly.

“Don’t deliver anything here, we don’t want you here. I don’t want you here. I don’t want you here at all,” responds the woman.

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The man manages to get the tenant waiting for her food on the intercom and the aggressive white woman interjects herself into the conversation, harassing the other tenant while demanding her identity. The tenant on the other end of the call explains who she is, which apartment she lives in, and confirms that she ordered Postmates.

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“I’m not letting this man in, can I bring your food to you?” says the woman outside, seemingly oblivious to how insane she sounds.

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“Who are you, who is this?” replies the tenant understandably confused, prompting the white woman to call her an “a**hole” and state that she pays rent in the building.

“I do too, so what are you asking?” replies the tenant through the intercom.

“I’m asking you to get out of my building because you don’t live here,” the woman says.

“I’m a Black man, I’m trying to deliver. My mom is in the… I’m working for my mom. Her name is Anna. My name is Jordan. I’m trying to deliver your food,”  the man says, somehow managing to maintain his cool.

“I don’t care if he’s a purple man, he doesn’t live here,” the woman says, talking over him. “I don’t care who he’s working for. I don’t care what your name is sir, I want you out of the building. I don’t want him near her because I don’t know him and I don’t want people buzzing him into my building.”

“He doesn’t live here. He’s not a delivery boy, he has no car, no bike, nothing. He is not Dominos, he is not Pizza Hut,” the woman rants.

“That car that I pulled up in? That’s my white car,” the man says, pointing to his vehicle shortly before the video ends.

Watch the woman embarrass herself below.

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