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McEnany says Trump is “appalled” by cancellation of a children’s cartoon show that did not happen

McEnany says Trump is “appalled” by cancellation of a children’s cartoon show that did not happen

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One might expect that with a pandemic raging across the country and millions upon millions facing evictions as the next month looms large that the president and his staff would be laser focused on helping the American people in a time of desperate need.

But of course in Trump’s White House, that’s the perfect time to trot out some laughably petty culture war grievances as part of the right-wing interminable crusade against popular media and their resentment that they don’t have any that anyone takes seriously.

During a bizarre moment during today’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shared the president’s feelings about the contrived and exhausting phenomenon of “cancel culture.”

McEnany said that Trump was “appalled” about cancel culture because of its latest victims, like…children’s cartoon show Paw Patrol and Lego cop toys.

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Of course, this isn’t even true. Paw Patrol is still on the air, much to the consternation of parents across the nation.

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But it absolutely boggles the mind that at this particular juncture in American history, the President and his staff are fixated on throwing fuel on the fire of the ridiculous “cancel culture” discourse that America’s so-called intellectual minds have been obsessing over for the past few weeks while the nation falls apart at the seams.

“Cancel culture” does not exist. If it did, the vile men and women who peddled the lies that justified the Iraq War would have never worked again. Instead, they have comfy writing jobs at prestigious newspapers, writing self-indulgent pearl-clutching articles about how “cancel culture” is the biggest threat to American discourse right now while Trump’s jackbooted thugs are gassing Portland mothers and disappearing people into vans.

The White House taking a stand on behalf of Paw Patrol is just the kind of absurdity that we’ve come to expect from the Trump White House — but it doesn’t make it any less disgraceful.

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