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Trump campaign press secretary gets in fiery exchange with FOX host after calling their polls “fake”

Trump campaign press secretary gets in fiery exchange with FOX host after calling their polls “fake”

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A fiery exchange erupted today when FOX and Friends host Brian Kilmeade challenged the Trump campaign’s press secretary on the accuracy of polling data that shows President Trump deep underwater.

Furious at his plunging numbers and feeling the walls closing in around him, the President has taken to dismissing all negative polls as fake, according to reporting in Vanity Fair. It appears the message has come down from on high that this is now the official campaign’s position, so former White House deputy press secretary and current campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley was unabashed when he informed Kilmeade that all of FOX’s polls were “fake” because they were tilted towards Dems.

“You touched on some polls. Most of those are fake. They oversample Democrats,” complained Gidley while appearing on FOX and Friends this afternoon.

This appeared to rankle Kilmeade, who usually is one of Trump’s most loyal sycophants. But perhaps he too can read the writing on the wall, and decided to push to back.

“I know the people that do the polls. They don’t do it fake. They do a really good job!” argued Kilmeade before admitting that “They might not be accurate in the end, I don’t know.”

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Gidley replied that “well, the people are great” and asked, “doesn’t accuracy determine how great it is?”

“I’m not saying they’re Nostradamus. But I am just saying … they’re professionals. So don’t call Fox News pollsters fake!” fired back Kilmeade.

As the election draws closer and Trump digs himself into a deeper hole, we are certainly going to enjoy a great deal of schadenfreude as the fanatical Trump acolytes argue with defectors over reality.

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