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New report claims Guilfoyle and Don Jr. stranded staffers in South Dakota after COVID diagnosis

New report claims Guilfoyle and Don Jr. stranded staffers in South Dakota after COVID diagnosis

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Amidst new criticism of the job she’s doing as the Trump campaign’s national finance chairwoman, Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former Fox News host, and her paramour Donald Trump Jr. are facing a new controversy, according to Politico.

You may remember that the power couple journeyed to South Dakota early this month to attend the ill-conceived Mt. Rushmore Independence Day celebration that Don Jr.’s father insisted on holding without any face mask and social distancing requirements.

Neither Guilfoyle nor her presidential scion boyfriend actually made it to the event since she tested positive for the COVID-19 virus shortly after arriving in the state and initially announced that they would be driving back east to New York on an extended road-trip home.

Well, that’s what they wanted you to think anyway.

What really happened instead, according to Politico, was that the infected Guilfoyle and baby Don Jr. actually took a private flight home.

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The incident is the source of “the latest example of upheaval within the fundraising unit that Guilfoyle oversees, which is primarily responsible for cultivating networks of donors who cut checks in increments up to $2,800,” according to the web site.

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“Left behind in her wake after President Donald Trump’s pre-Independence Day address were more than a half-dozen junior campaign staffers whom Guilfoyle oversees as the president’s national finance chair. The aides, who’d been in proximity to Guilfoyle, were forced to quarantine in their Rapid City, S.D., hotel rooms for three days and barred from face-to-face contact with colleagues as they pleaded with the campaign to get them home,” Politico writes.

“The campaign tried to reassure the staffers, checking in with them and stressing the need to wait a few days to take a coronavirus test. But the aides felt deserted and scared they’d get sick in a city they’d never set foot in before. They were so distraught that weeks later they sought out Stephanie Alexander, the campaign’s chief of staff, to vent about the experience, according to people familiar with the incident,” the article continues.

The staffers were forced to meet with Alexander because the person they initially wanted to speak with, then-campaign manager Brad Parscale, had already been demoted before they could have a meeting with him.

Guilfoyle has faced mounting criticism that she is unqualified for the role she’s been assigned based more on nepotistic concerns than any special fund-raising experience.

“Interviews with nearly a dozen Republicans familiar with the campaign’s fundraising depict an operation beset by departures, staffers with no prior fundraising experience and accusations of irresponsible spending,” Politico writes.

As the Trump campaign implodes with donors reportedly reluctant to fund a disorganized and floundering campaign for an incumbent president with plummeting poll numbers — due largely to his disastrous mishandling of the COVID-19 epidemic that has even infected his future daughter-in-law and his fascistic response to nationwide BLM protests — Guilfoyle may soon find herself supplanted in her role as head of the campaign finance effort.

At least she can claim medical reasons for her potential ouster.

Until our nation is rid of Trump and his entire nepotistic grifter family, normalcy will be absent in America.

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Original reporting by Alex Isenstadt at Politico.

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