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Two members of Black militia NFAC shot at Louisville BLM protest before face-off with right-wingers

Two members of Black militia NFAC shot at Louisville BLM protest before face-off with right-wingers

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The new civil war fantasies of the right-wing Boogaloo Boys came one step closer to reality today in Louisville, Kentucky as armed members of the Three Percenters, a far-right militia, faced off against the Atlanta-based Black militia group, the NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition) with police deployed between the groups to keep them from coming closer enough to each other to create a conflagration.

While the Three Percenters were intimidating other, unarmed Louisville BLM protestors, the NFAC were gathered at a nearby park where what appears to be an accidental firearm discharge sent at least two people to the hospital.

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If there was ever a sight that might get right-wing 2nd Amendment fanatics to reconsider their support for unlimited gun rights without meaningful control regulations, the sight of a large group of armed Black people marching down their street, ready to fight for their rights, just may be the one thing that could recalibrate their NRA leanings.

After the accidental shooting was handled, the NFAC began its march to downtown Louisville.

With right-wing militias turning up armed to BLM protests and Donald Trump sending his personal Gestapo, the motley crew of unidentified soldiers from the Homeland Security Department and other federal agencies that he’s deployed to Portland and wants to send to other Democratically-controlled cities, it seems like the possibility of civil war is closer in the United States than it has been at any time since the 1860s, thanks to the most divisive president in U.S. history.

At least the most vulnerable among us, those who are typically the eventual victims of any civil unrest and the subsequent government crackdown, are finally taking actions to defend themselves and let the world know that they won’t stand for unequal justice any longer.

Where things go from here is anybody’s guess. They say that the wish that “May you live in interesting times” is more of a curse than a blessing.

If so, it appears that we live in particularly cursed times.

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