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Trump attacks Republicans — and reality — in Sunday afternoon tweetstorm

Trump attacks Republicans — and reality — in Sunday afternoon tweetstorm

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It’s fun to watch the Republican party implode before our very eyes.

We all knew that demographic trends would eventually make the GOP as irrelevant as buggy whip manufacturers, but the total takeover of the party by Donald Trump and his sycophants has accelerated the process mightily.

Moreover, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and this administration’s failure to respond effectively to it — as European nations have largely tamped down the virus’ worst effects — has proven that the party responsible for every major economic disaster of the past century is unqualified to govern.

The evidence of the impending rupture of the Republican party was widespread in the past 24 hours.

First, the news emerged that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute has demanded that Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee cease from using former President Reagan’s name and image in their fundraising efforts, attempting to sever any association with the current president and his plummeting campaign.

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That news may have remained an obscure and little-noted occurrence if Trump himself wasn’t the vainly vindictive individual that he is.

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Instead, he resorted to trying to achieve revenge on the Reagan Foundation by retweeting conspiratorial speculation about the fact that Frederick J. Ryan Jr., the organization’s chairman, is also the publisher and CEO of the Jeff Bezos -owned Washington Post.

Whether it was Frederick Ryan’s last name or his new-found antipathy towards Fox News — now that they dare to predict his November defeat with their polls unsullied by their day to day propaganda slinging — Trump lashed out at the man who was the number two congressional republican as House Speaker until his retirement in 2018, Paul Ryan (no relation to Frederick Ryan.)

While Trump may be in denial about their findings, the Fox News poll which shows him being roundly defeated by the presumed Democratic candidate Joe Biden is largely in line with all the other major opinion polls, no matter how much the president may object.

Trump’s denial over his poor standing in multiple polls spilled over into his next tweet as well.

As Madonna might reply to Wayne and Garth on a Saturday Night Live Wayne’s World sketch, WAY!

Delude yourself all you want, Donnie, but there is no way that a place like Pennsylvania will vote for the man who presided over this country’s decimation by a pandemic that he failed to take the proper actions to control and the nation’s descent into racist conflict. Likewise, Texas and many other states!!!

Petrified of losing, the president resorted to fear-mongering for his next tweet.

The media has had no problem showing America exactly what is really going on in Portland and Seattle: the illegal deployment of federal troops with no distinguishing service emblems to deploy chemical weapons and extreme violence against peaceful demonstrators who are fighting the very racism that is at the center of Trump’s ideology.

The same polls that show Trump losing by double digits against Biden also show how out of step he is with public sentiment about the BLM demonstrations against the very police brutality that the president is enabling to continue and be reinforced by his federal Gestapo violating the 4th Amendment prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure.

The true sign that Trump knows that his campaign is doomed and that the Republican party is destined for the trash heap of history is trump’s final original tweet of the day so far.

Yes, it’s his strong focus on applying racist names to the COVID-19 virus and all those meetings to which he’ll likely contribute nothing but ignorance and bluster that will be preventing him from throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium in August, not that fact that the native New Yorkers in the crowd, who were among the first to suffer from his mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis, will likely throw anything they can get their hands on back at him if he dares venture into the field.

Everyone knows that the only reason Trump even broached the idea of throwing the first pitch out at a Yankees game was because of his jealousy that Dr. Anthony Fauc was asked to do the honors by the Washington Nationals at their first game of a season truncated due to the pandemic.

While it may be fun watching Trump and Republicans squirm as their anticipated defeat looms, one must remember what happens to untamed beasts when they are cornered.

Let’s not let our guard down. Trump may be in denial, but he still has the resources to cause considerable damage between now and his expulsion from the White House. That he won’t go quietly is guaranteed.

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