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Trump’s example of mail-in voter fraud just proves how safe it really is

Trump’s example of mail-in voter fraud just proves how safe it really is

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Donald Trump is beginning to panic at the thought that so many people detest him at this point in his term that he will lose in a landslide of historic proportions in the November presidential elections.

What better way to prepare for the cognitive dissonance that such a massive loss will trigger in his over-inflated ego than to try to discredit the entire electoral process in advance.

While Trump has been railing against mail-in voting for some time now, the latest polls show such a steep decline in the swing states that landed him in the White House in 2016 — despite a significant loss in the popular vote — that he has redoubled his efforts to prevent everyone else from having the same type of safe alternative to in-person voting that he and other senior Republican officials have themselves employed to vote during these times when every trip venturing out of the house is a torturous decision to wrestle with the chance of contracting a potentially life-ending disease.

The president was at it again this afternoon as he posted a purposefully misleading tweet to warn against the dangers of mail-in voting.

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In a statement that is likely an unconscious use of the same psychological projection that usually telegraphs his intentions, trump practically affixes his personal guarantee that the 2020 presidential election will “be totally rigged if Mail-In Voting is allowed to take place.”

While he may think that “everyone knows it,” the preponderance of evidence and past history proves that if any rigging is done it will likely be on his behalf by those recidivist ballot box tamperers the Republican party which has been the usual suspect in any hanky panky involving election fraud by stolen or misrepresented ballots or outright voter suppression measures like limiting the availability of polling place in heavily Democratic districts.

Trump doesn’t make his argument any more compelling by referring to the ballot in Patterson, New Jersey, particularly since he has artificially inflated the percentage of votes that were “corrupted” since he last used it as an example less than a month ago.

Hmm, last month it was 19% and it has climbed to 20% in the interim? And they say the man has a way with numbers.

More importantly, it’s crucial to note that the example of the problems with mail-in voting in the northern New Jersey town actually proves the exact opposite of what Trump intends to suggest.

The situation in Patterson — rather than being a cautionary tale about the dangers of mail-in voting — actually demonstrates that the safeguards against mail-in voting fraud actually work and how rare instances of fraud involving mail-in voting truly are.

According to a fact check of Trump’s last tweet on the subject published by NPR, the Patterson incident “started after the U.S. Postal Inspection Service tipped off state law enforcement officials to hundreds of mail-in ballots stuffed in a Paterson mailbox. Other bundled ballots were discovered in another nearby city.”

In other words, the system designed to prevent illegal ballots from being counted actually works.

Trump is likely doing everything he can to undermine confidence in the electoral process in advance of the election so that he can contest and reject the results when America overwhelmingly votes to rid the nation of the cancer of his presidency.

This president cares as little about the health of America’s electorate as he does about the health of children, teachers, and school staff whom he’s trying to send back into schools ill-prepared to deal with an out of control COVID-19 virus.

All the more reason to vote him out of office and ignore his inevitable claims of voter fraud when he loses by an embarrassingly large margin.

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