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Video reveals four cops brutally ambushing and arresting young woman

Video reveals four cops brutally ambushing and arresting young woman

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A shocking video out of Oregon is igniting a fresh bout of outrage against the police and their seemingly unshakeable fondness for violence. It depicts several law enforcement officers brutally attacking and subduing a 14-year old girl, exerting far more force than necessary to arrest her. The clip is difficult to watch as the officers involved appear completely comfortable with the idea of inflicting serious physical harm to a child.

According to ABC affiliate KEZI, the mother of the victim slammed the cops’ behavior as unnecessary and a display of excessive force. She explained that the attack was prompted by her daughter kicking a trash can into the street. While the police claim that the girl threw rocks at officers, the video does not show her doing so and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time law enforcement lied about an incident to justify their own brutality.

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The girl was taken to jail and given citations for “rioting,” “interfering with police,” and “resisting arrest.” The fact that kicking a trash can could possibly be interpreted as “rioting” shows how liberally police use the word to misrepresent the behavior of protestors.

The “resisting arrest” citation is even more ludicrous.  The girl was clearly terrified as the four large men ambushed her out of the blue. She reacted naturally the same way anyone would to such a sudden attack.

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“This is why the riots are all happening, right? Because of police aggressiveness,” stated the girls’ mother, who also conceded that her daughter wasn’t entirely “innocent” of wrongdoing.

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“She’s a small girl. She’s very petite. I think that was a little out of control…. especially since it was a child,” she added.

At this time it seems unlikely that the officers will face any kind of disciplinary action, meaning they’ll be free to attack other children should they once again get the urge. By failing to hold them accountable the police department is tacitly signaling that his kind of violent behavior is acceptable. Real systemic change is needed to fix this broken system.

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