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Trump says Fox News is wrong about Portland but it’s “to complicated” to explain in a Tweet

Trump says Fox News is wrong about Portland but it’s “to complicated” to explain in a Tweet

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Donald Trump’s campaign efforts in Portland aren’t aimed at the voters in Oregon.

Instead, Trump’s electoral strategy — a scheme of sending armed federal troops to tear gas peaceful protesters while right-wing agitators stoke violence and provide the president with a convenient excuse to scream “LAW & ORDER” — is designed to appeal to voters in those swing states where he is now polling below his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

It is a cynical and desperate attempt to fear-monger and scare suburban women into voting for the big strong, protector against chaos and disorder that Trump paints himself as despite being the ultimate source of both of those disruptive forces in this country through his faulty to non-existent leadership.

Trump made his ploy public earlier this morning with a pair of tweets that tried to foist a familiar fictional narrative upon the American people: that he and he alone can be their savior and that without his decisive action ignoring constitutional protections for the freedoms of speech and peaceable assembly the entire city of Portland would be no more.

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Trump’s threats notwithstanding, the announcement by Oregon Governor Kate Brown later in the day that she had reached an agreement on the phased withdrawal of those unwanted federal stormtroopers from the city was welcome news.

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Whatever conversations Governor Brown had with the vice president, Trump threw the whole arrangement into question with a tweet this afternoon that makes one wonder if the deal was ever explained to the president and whether he was ever going to give up his most potent voter recruitment campaign for his white supremacist base in exchange for what amounts to an admission of misjudgment and defeat.

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Trump apparently forgets that he has no right to tell the duly elected local government officials that he will do their jobs if they don’t meet his standards for the violent suppression of protestors.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to respond to Trump’s latest paranoid, grammatically-challenged, not “to complicated [sic]” tweet.

There are plenty more where these came from, but you get the idea by now.

The only reason for Trump’s show of federal force is his belief that it will help him raise his nose-diving poll numbers by distracting the public from the truly unforgivable disaster that has been his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expect the federal forces to move to cities in Swing states next.

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