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Trump speech turns bizarre as he struggles to attack Democrats: “What have they done with cows?”

Trump speech turns bizarre as he struggles to attack Democrats: “What have they done with cows?”

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Donald Trump’s flailing attempts to reinject some enthusiasm into his floundering reelection campaign as Joe Biden surges ahead in the polls brought him down to Texas today, where he gave one of his characteristically confused and rambling speeches to an audience at a Double Eagle Energy oil rig.

Sweating profusely, the president proved once again that he lacks a coherent narrative to justify why voters should pick him in November and ended up bouncing from topic to topic without saying anything of real substance.

Despite all of his bluster, he really has no accomplishments to run on and it shows every time he does one of these events. COVID-19 continues to ravage the country with over 148,000 dead due in large part to the president’s profound incompetence. The robust economy that he was so fond of bragging about has taken a devastating blow from the pandemic and tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs.

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Stuck in such an inevitable position, all he can really do is rant about the “Radical Left” ad nauseam, a line of attack unlikely to gain much traction with non-MAGA voters given Joe Biden’s reputation for being a reasonable, moderate liberal.

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Today in Texas, Trump once again tried to paint Democrats as some group of unhinged, cartoonish fools. He said that he hadn’t “checked recently” but asked: “What have they done with cows? Remember there were going to be no more cows and no more cattle. I think they might have left that one off the manifesto but it’ll be back.”

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The truly bizarre comments were likely in reference to a small passage in the Green New Deal that correctly points out that methane produced by flatulence from the almost 95 million cattle in the United States is a contributing factor in climate change. Conservatives, rather than acknowledging this reality and grappling with it in good faith have tried to twist the conversation into one about “cow farts,” which is perhaps funny if you’re 12-years-old and far less funny if you’re actually worried about securing a habitable planet for future generations.

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