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Twitter users dogpile Trump Jr. over his intelligence after he insults Biden’s mind

Twitter users dogpile Trump Jr. over his intelligence after he insults Biden’s mind

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There are less than one hundred days left till election day and Donald Trump still hasn’t managed to articulate a coherent reelection pitch. Even if he hadn’t botched the federal response to a historic pandemic, Trump would have struggled to convince people that he was worth keeping in office after four years of Twitter meltdowns, international scandals, and rank, ubiquitous corruption.

Trump has effortlessly secured the title of worst president in American history for himself and now finds himself running against a presumptive Democratic nominee who was a popular Vice President, has a reputation for being an accomplished statesman, and demonstrates the crucial empathy that our current leader so sorely lacks. In short, Joe Biden is Donald Trump’s superior in every way.

Forced to compete against such an opponent, Trump and his surrogates have resorted to the lowest form of smears. They’ve repeatedly tried to paint Biden as mentally unfit for office, an incredibly ironic line of attack coming from a president who can barely string together a sentence and who demonstrates on a near-daily basis a profound ignorance of all matters related to governance.

The pathetic strategy reached its nadir with Trump’s recent bragging about how he aced a cognitive test which basically required him to identify pictures of animals and remember the words: “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.” Unsurprisingly, few Americans were impressed that the president managed to pass a test aimed at detecting diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been releasing videos in which he discusses the most pressing matters facing this country with nuance and intelligence. His recent sitdown with his former boss President Obama was particularly impressive, as the two discussed a wide range of topics allowing Biden to demonstrate his mastery.

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The Trump campaign simply can’t beat Biden on the issues, so they’re resorting to lying about him. Earlier today, Donald Trump Jr. shared a video of Joe Biden leaving a building while wearing sunglasses. The clip, which is from this past winter, is completely innocuous and shows Biden greeting supporters in a friendly manner.

Trump Jr. ridiculously compared the video to “A Weekend at Bernie’s” although the actual title of the film he was trying to reference is simply “Weekend at Bernie’s.” The First Son said the clip would be “sad if it wasn’t so scary” and that Biden “obviously has no idea what’s happen [sic] around him.”

Typos aside, this tweet is desperate even by Trump Jr. standards. Watch the video and you’ll see that he is completely projecting. Biden looks totally fine and happy to be interacting with supporters. There is simply no good faith interpretation of the video that comes to the conclusion that he is anything less than a picture of health.

Trump Jr.’s tweet unleashed a wave of criticism and mockery, with many users quick to point out his and his father’s weak mental facilities.

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