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A Republican Congressman immediately vows to oppose any attempt by Trump to delay the election

A Republican Congressman immediately vows to oppose any attempt by Trump to delay the election

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On Thursday, President Trump shocked the nation when he took to Twitter to float the idea of “delaying” the 2020 election, warning that it would be “inaccurate” and “fraudulent” if the election was allowed to be conducted by mail-in vote. Not only are his predictions entirely baseless, the president of the United States — or the leader of any democracy in the world, for that matter — does not have the authority to delay an election just because he feels like it.

The president’s tweet is only the latest in a series of worryingly authoritarian sentiments from the president, who has been ratcheting up the white supremacist rhetoric while deploying federal agents to brutalize protesters in Portland. Despite the fact that Trump and most of his administration have voted by mail, he has seized on the right-wing conspiracies about voter fraud as an excuse to delegitimize the election, unwilling to accept the idea that he might lose fair and square.

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A Republican Congressman, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), became the first in his party to publicly condemn the president and vowed to oppose any attempt to delay the election.

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Unfortunately, many of his prominent GOP colleagues do not share the same commitment to the Constitution:

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Outrage immediately erupted online as prominent figures and citizens alike sounded the alarm at the thought of Trump pulling a fast one and using an illegal “delay” to stay longer in power.


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