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Trump tweets 73 times in 15 hours — Here’s the condensed version of his social media rampage

Trump tweets 73 times in 15 hours — Here’s the condensed version of his social media rampage

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It’s terrible what stress can do to a person.

Faced with a collapsing economy that perfectly mirrors the trajectory of his re-election campaign, confronted with polls that show him badly trailing Democrat Joe Biden in key swing states, forced to deal with a pandemic far outside his already feeble capabilities to deal with effectively, Donald Trump is feeling the pressure.

How does the president deal with such an avalanche of stress factors when it’s too dark to go play a round of golf?

By obsessively and compulsively retweeting every existent positive comment he can find written or said about himself, peppered with paranoid attacks on his growing number of detractors.

From Saturday night into Sunday morning, Trump posted 73 times in the space of 15 hours. While not quite the record pace of 200 tweets in a 24 hour period that he set during his impeachment hearings, Trump’s barrage of posts indicate that he may have a social media addiction problem that he should seek professional help for…after he deals with the more serious issue of his malignant narcissism.

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Faced with such a mountain of content to sift through, let’s break down Trump’s posts into manageable categories and provide you with representative examples of each so you don’t have to waste too much time evaluating each and every tweet.

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Let’s dispense with the more trivial posts first: Trump’s ritual endorsements of Republican candidates, a dubious distinction these days when many candidates would perhaps prefer not tying their line to a sinking anchor.

This type of tweet typically fits a standard formula: a quick sentence or two about a Trump policy that the candidate swears to uphold followed by a “Complete and Total Endorsement” from the president.

Next, come the retweets from conservative media luminaries pushing right-wing talking points, often accompanied by video clips or articles that parrot the president’s despicable views on society. Often Trump will retweet several posts in a row from the same source as he scrolls down their Twitter page and finds new serotonin-releasing posts to click on.

Last night Trump retweeted several posts from Mike Schellenberger, an author specializing in environmental iconoclasm, slamming renewable energy sources as unsustainable, a position that the president who never met an oil well that he didn’t like apparently likes enough to present to a wider audience.

He also retweeted a post from the right-wing creator of the Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams, that included a new video ad aimed at pushing Latinx Americans away from their overwhelming support for Joe Biden by trying to use a heinous divide and conquer strategy of pitting them against African Americans.

Add your name to demand Congress reject Trump’s dictatorial call to delay the election!

Most of the media retweets Trump made included attached video clips which made all that tiresome reading unnecessary.

Among his other sources for this type of tweet were TV News HQ, which specializes in aggregating cable news clips, the ultra-right Heritage Foundation, conservative talk radio star Hugh Hewitt, Students for Trump, and various, GOP politicians, former administration officials, and supporters.

Of course, there were numerous retweets of Trump’s late-night phone buddy Sean Hannity, each promoting one or another of the president’s paranoid conspiracy theories or attacking someone in the Democratic party.

Here’s one focused on a perennial favorite: the “Russia Hoax.”

A true sign that tweeting has become an unhealthy obsession with this president is his habit of simply going back in his feed and retweeting posts that he made hours — or even days — earlier when he can’t find anything new that he finds ego-gratifying enough to post in that moment when his Twitter fingers start to itch.

Some of these act as palate cleansers — short punctuations in ALL CAPS that Trump has repeatedly inserted into his Twitter feed so often that they function like a liturgical response akin to “Amen.”

All of the types of tweets listed above are basically appetizers for the main course, the Trump originals that provide insight into what’s left of the president’s brain and inspire at various times derision, contempt, laughter, pity, disgust, and perplexity from their readers.

These are the tweets that lately demonstrate how truly afraid Trump is that he will lose the election since so many of them now concern the supposed evils and dangers of mail-in voting or contain attacks on Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats and their agenda.

How terrible!

Nevada is working on ways to enable voting without contributing to an even larger COVID-19 outbreak than they already have!

Call the lawyers!

Must be equally tough to win after allowing the state to ravaged by a pandemic that Trump mismanaged spectacularly, as well, judging from the latest polls that show Biden ahead by two points in the state.

The pandemic was also a frequent subject of the president’s tweets in the last 15 hours as Trump tries to turn around the accurate perception that his handling of the crisis has ranged from the incompetence of the Three Stooges and the malevolent ignorance of a third world dictator.

Trump seems to think that a recurrence of the virus in parts of the world that handled it much better than he has somehow exonerates his failures, rather than increasing the terror that people feel about being pummeled by an invisible enemy with no leadership even trying to find a way out of the crisis.

Trump concluded his social media morning today with a hail Mary pass.

Knowing that a large portion of the GOP losses in the 2018 midterms was due to the attempts by him and his Republican enablers to eradicate Obamacare without having a coherent plan to replace it, Trump dangled a health care carrot in front of voters in the form of a promise of lower drug prices.

The attempt is just another example of how disconnected from reality the president truly is.

The GOP still hasn’t come up with a credible replacement for Obamacare despite having had three years to do so, and millions have lost their company-provided health insurance — along with their jobs and income — due to the pandemic that gives many of them a new pre-existing condition for which Trump and the Republicans are actively trying to eliminate coverage guarantees in the federal courts.

Now, that’s the kind of stress that everyday Americans currently have that won’t be diminished by tweeting obsessively.

It can, however, be practically eradicated by one simple act.

Register and vote in the November election and rid the nation of our biggest scourge, the man currently in the White House.

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