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Navy SEALs open investigation into disturbing video of dogs sicced on man in Colin Kaepernick jersey

Navy SEALs open investigation into disturbing video of dogs sicced on man in Colin Kaepernick jersey

The right-wing’s pathological hatred for Colin Kaepernick cannot be interpreted solely as an organic backlash to his decision to kneel in protest of police brutality. There has been since the beginning a disturbing racial animus underpinning the entire saga, as evinced by the white people who chose to burn his football jersey or hang him in effigy.

It’s one thing to disagree with Kaepernick’s politics, it’s another thing entirely to take your criticisms to such a dark, hateful place. Clearly, even in the year 2020, there is a meaningful portion of this country that grows collectively infuriated when they suspect a Black doesn’t “know his place.” This despicable idealogy must be called out and condemned every time it emerges.

With that in mind, it’s reassuring to learn that the U.S. Navy seals are investigating an incident in which specially trained dogs used by the SEALs were sicced on a “Colin Kaepernick” stand-in at a K-9 event at the Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida. While the video has been on the internet since last January, it received new interest as it spread virally across Twitter this past weekend.

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The shameful performance is especially vile because it tacitly evokes images of the Civil Rights era during which policemen unleashed dogs on Black demonstrators. There is a violent history being channeled here that makes the racism all the more overt and pernicious.

The SEALs released a statement via Twitter and said that the clip is “completely inconsistent with the values and ethos of Naval Special Warfare and the U.S. Navy” and that despite the fact that there appear to be no active-duty Navy personnel in the video they will be investigating it “fully.” Hopefully, the SEALs get to the bottom of this quickly and the men responsible are held accountable.

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